Puppy Love!

Make the most of your opposable thumbs — follow these Michigan-based Instagram-famous pooches now.




French Bulldogs from Fenton

Mom: Hailey

Daphne is a four-year-old Pied Frenchie (mostly white with brindle patches). In the summer she’s practically a fish, says her mom, Hailey. “She absolutely loves swimming — she even loves jumping in off our Pontoon boat.”

Vinnie is a two-year-old black-masked fawn. “He’s the biggest mama’s boy. Wherever I am, he is,” Hailey says.




American Pit Bull Terrier Mixes from Utica

Parents: Alexandra and Christian

Enzo, 6, is a social butterfly that loves cheese. “He has a new habit of picking up a shoe whenever we get home or someone comes over and walks around the whole house with it in his mouth,” Alex says. Bella, 5, “is our little ‘Queen B.’ She runs the house, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of letting us know.” Bella loves to cuddle and is obsessed with playing fetch. She likes to choose a specific toy before bed to sleep with.

Note: Enzo and Bella have inspired Alexandra and Christian to create Spotted Nose Designs (, a brand-new (opened in June) boutique in Utica, selling the couples’ own designs plus other brands of functional and aesthetic products for dogs and humans.




Rescue from Ann Arbor

Parents: Travis and Brianna

Five-year-old Max’s parents did a doggy DNA test and found that he is a mostly Beagle Hound mix. His favorite foods are anything meaty and hates all fruits and veggies — “won’t eat them at all,” Travis says. “His best trick is to sit pretty, and he can hold it for minutes at a time. Max loves to play Tug-of-War and will be so gentle and slow until he has it and then all hell breaks loose!” He has a unicorn from Despicable Me that he carries around everywhere.




Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers from Detroit

Parents: Crystal and Alex

“Both girls are intelligent, sassy divas with a lot of personality and so much love to give,” Crystal says. They both love swimming, the snow and going for car rides. They know how to “wave” (see Madison waving in the photo). Their favorite treats are no-hides and bully sticks. Isla, 2,  is very silly and goofy and loves to cuddle. She is always running laps around her sister. Madison, 4, “is Miss Independent and wants cuddles on her own terms.” She never shies from the camera.

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