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Smartphones can be used to set and monitor home air purifier systems.

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Pure Air Quality - Chapman Air & Heat

Professional HVAC Service Provider Is Dependable, Fair Repair Partner That's Proven Themselves Over Time

Air -- the most essential element of life (besides chocolate)! That's why Chapman Air & Heat professionals make it their mission to make customers' in-home air quality the best it can be.

“I had a dream to create an ethical, profitable company that was an asset to the community. Nothing is more important to quality of life than the quality of the place you spend the most time," says Marvin Chapman, founder in 1981 and current owner. 

For four decades, Marvin has helped people achieve this goal of healthy air quality. He had an idea that he was able to bring to life:  To provide innovative, quality air conditioning to the North Texas area. While doing this, he says he also wanted to provide a workplace through which his employees could grow and thrive. "Happy employees, a team if you will, would allow the company to thrive while providing an essential service."

The result was a company that individual homeowners, as well as builders and commercial clients, have come to trust and rely on for their indoor air comfort and quality needs. Marvin, as a talented engineer, oversees all aspects of the systems the company installs. 

In addition to being the company owner, Marvin is mentor, teacher and friend to his employees. The Chapman Air staff indicates that they work as a team to tackle any project, no matter the size, handling anything from a filter change to replacing multiple systems -- all done with efficiency and expediency.

"We've had great success up to this point," reflects Marvin. "Right now, North Texas is growing by leaps and bounds. Our goal is to be the best provider to both new arrivals to the area and families who are well-established here. We are at the forefront of the technologies that will keep them safe and comfortable." 

He says they are enthused about the following innovative technologies:

  • LED light filtration systems that can kill 99.9% of illness-causing viruses, making air in homes as safe as it possibly can be.
  • HEPA-rated filters for additional particle removal from the air.
  • Whole house humidification systems to make the winter months significantly more comfortable.
  • Variable speed air conditioning equipment that is extremely energy efficient, as well as being able to keep the temperature at precisely the temperature you desire.

"All this can even be controlled from your smart phone," Marvin adds.

Chapman Air offers one-day replacement of residential and commercial air conditioning systems, striving to deliver stress-free experiences to customers. They also offer maintenance plans to keep customers' equipment working at peak performance and to avoid breakdowns. Their technicians receive weekly training, and are knowledgeable about the most up-to-date industry trends and innovations. Additionally, 24-hour emergency service is available from the company. 

"By applying a simple approach of 'honor our customers with the truth' and by providing personnel that are reliable and professional, we've become one of the largest residential and commercial service providers in our market. As an industry leader for 42 years, we hope to continue to help people, both in these difficult times and well into the future, with value, innovation and respect," assures Marvin, who is proud that the company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.


  • Smartphones can be used to set and monitor home air purifier systems.