Relax & Relief found at Purify Sauna Lounge

Sauna & Cryotherapy treatments provide many health-boosting benefits.

The picture-perfect place to detoxify and de-stress your mind and body is well within reach, thanks to the stellar services offered at Purify Sauna Lounge.

As the premier wellness lounge in Orange County, Purify Sauna Lounge works to restore and replenish your body to its natural state of purification through “feel good” healing techniques and services.

Owners Aaron and Heather Bailey opened their doors in 2016, aiming to create a peaceful environment brimming with “Zen”-like style, mirroring the calming, healing services found within.

A cool color palette of blues and grays promotes relaxation, inviting all who enter into a soothing ambiance. Natural wood and pops of greenery bring in earthy elements, designed to lull customers into a laid-back state of mind.

Regular Infrared sauna and Cryotherapy treatments provide a plethora of health-boosting benefits, including solutions for inflammation, weight loss, relaxation, detoxification, and more, through both hot and cold therapies.

In addition to providing relief for an array of physical ailments, Purify Sauna Lounge serves as a refuge for those seeking a renewed sense of mind and spirit.

Clients can enjoy a workout or simply settle into relaxation mode in their own personal, full-spectrum sauna, soaking up the solitude during a 40-minute session. In these purifying, heated spaces, deep healing can take place, while also burning up to an impressive 600 calories.

Whole-body Cryotherapy, best described as an accelerated ice bath, works by rapidly flushing toxins and enriching red blood cells with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes.

Cryotherapy soothes, comforts, and provides relief in the effort to speed up muscle recovery (in just three minutes!), aiding in chronic pain relief, and boosting overall energy levels, all in the (cold) comfort of a state-of-the-art Cryotherapy chamber.

Heather Bailey’s passion for health and wellness combined with Aaron Bailey’s entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind Purify Sauna Lounge’s success—no small feat, especially considering the added challenges of caring for their two small children, managing their distance learning, and carefully navigating a global pandemic.

“It was a juggling act, and very stressful at times,” Heather recalls.

Nevertheless, the couple remained committed to guiding their customers toward a state of better health and wellness.

“Clients come in in pain, troubled, looking for relaxation or detoxification. It’s very rewarding to see clients who once hobbled down the hallway after a few treatments and consistent self-care [start to] walk straight and pain-free, or with less pain,” says Heather.

For the Baileys, Purify Sauna Lounge takes pride in being a local, family-owned-and-operated business—a true champion of the community.

“It’s always fun to run into clients at local sporting events, kids’ activities, and around the community. We love that we get to know our clients and become a vital part of their health and wellness journey.”

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