Purveyors’ Pride 

Georgia-sourced. Farm-grown. Hand-selected. Fresh.

Restaurateurs who choose to bring the farm-to-table dining experience to their customers may not always reap a big profit. However, the partnerships paved along the way, between purchaser and provider, are usually based on shared values of integrity, hard work and love of community. Food that is fresh is usually more flavorful and nutrient-rich than that received from a faraway source. Sometimes, though, it’s a waiting game with Mother Nature to bring seasonal edibles to menus. Regardless of the trials and tribulations, the farm-to-table movement is, on the whole, beneficial to all parties involved.

Many of Fayette County’s restaurants strive to support their fellow small businesses. For the past 15 years, Mr. Pascal at Pascal’s Bistro has been sourcing cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy, a family-owned farm, that yields handcrafted and full-flavored cheeses from milk produced by grass-fed cows. Scott Smith, owner of The Curious Pig, passionately stands by the microgreens and lettuce he obtains from Southern Harvest Farm. “I use the produce for 50% of my garnishes and sauces, and as a natural flavor enhancer. The owner handpicks and handwashes all his produce the night before he delivers them to me,” Scott explains. Ask any of the local restaurants as they, in some way, have established partnerships with purveyors participating in the farm-to-table movement. We hope you get the chance to enjoy it!

Pascal’s Bistro

Purveyor: Sweet Grass Dairy, Thomasville, GA

Produce: Handcrafted cheese 

On the menu: Cheeseboard (Thomasville Tomme, Green Hill and Griffin) 

The Curious Pig 

Purveyor: Southern Harvest Farm, Bethlehem, GA.

Produce: Microgreens and lettuce (cilantro, collard greens, radishes and Swiss Chard) 

On the menu: Salads, vegetables, sauces and garnishes.

Highland Bakery and Kitchen

Purveyor: Logan Turnpike Mill, Blairsville, GA

Produce: Stone-ground grits 

On the menu: Shrimp n’ Grits and Hoppin’ Highland


Purveyor: Line Creek Brewery, Peachtree City, GA

Produce: Craft beer

On the menu: Selected brews

The Beirut

Purveyor: Revere Meat Co., Forest Park, GA

Produce: Hand-selected beef 

Off the menu: Special-order steaks

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