Putting Down Roots

20-year-old Dallas-born artisan Bradley Sigman is building relationships through his painting and diverse artisan talents.

Whether it’s painting, woodworking, welding, photography, or mixed-media pieces, emerging Dallas-based artisan Bradley Sigman is at his best when creating with his hands. Everything he creates, from custom luxury furniture to wall art, is made locally. With a penchant for vivid colors and bold designs, Bradley Sigman is quickly catching the eye of designers and galleries — and he’s just getting started. We talked to Sigman about his artistic journey, connecting with people through his craft, and his vision for a bright future.

How did you become drawn to art and woodworking?

It just came naturally to me ever since I was young — creating things and building. My dad grew up in a small town, so he knew how to woodwork and weld, and after connecting with my old soccer coach Brad Namdar, I was encouraged to pursue my creativity. My dad taught me a lot of the technical craft, and Brad guided me on the art craft, while I kept my creativity true to my artistic vision.

How have you come into your own as an artist in the past year?

Brad and I had reconnected after several years, and he has helped guide me on creating my pieces, keeping an eye on trends, and harnessing my artistic creativity in the design market. I’ve been fortunate to meet some artists from Instagram, shows, and other outlets to get their feedback as well — I’d send them pieces that I made, and they would give me pointers. Through social media, relationships I’ve built, and hard work, I’m now a full-time artisan. Looking back on my life, my journey has been interesting to say the least. I’ve faced adversity, found that my faith has guided me in tough times, and put the right people in my path to help me grow.

You work primarily with wood, paint and photography. What do you enjoy working with the most?

I really enjoy using resin, acrylic, spray paint, and other mixed media on various pieces for my wall art. I like mixing those together on canvas or wood-based canvases because there are so many different ways to pair those mediums to create different textures, styles, and conceptual imagery. I love using iconic photography, landscape photos, digital design, and free hand on my wall art pieces. Regarding my furniture, I use iron-cast welding techniques, wood, resin, and other mediums to create modern and contemporary home furniture.

How would you describe the Dallas art scene?

The Dallas art scene is vast. You have a rich cultural art history here with so much to take in. It’s truly a huge market with gallery art, design art, home decor, and luxury markets that provides artists with a lot of platforms. I learn more every day, and Dallas is a great art city to be in.

What are your vision and mission through your art?

You know, through art I found that my adversity in life inspired me and my faith, and at times I remember when I found Jesus and it completely saved my life. I started putting crosses in some paintings to recognize/symbolize his impact on my life — which opened the door for me in some art markets. Then I started focusing more on abstract pieces and icon pieces, and I really enjoyed making those pieces that got me into the design marketplace. I came to the conclusion that everybody wants something beautiful in their home. I really want to provide that for people because, especially in the crazy world of today, we need art to captivate the beautiful moments in life. I’m really blessed and humbled at my age to be able to learn from so many people.

Tell me about your goals for this year as an artist.

I want to keep building relationships as an artisan and get my art out there. It’s important to me that maintaining good relationships, valuing opportunity, and staying true to my craft are at the forefront of my creativity. I would love to one day have a large design warehouse where I can do everything in one spot and exhibit my art.

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