Putting the personal in personal training.

A conversation with Katie Mackenzie - Kirkwood wife, mom, community leader and owner of GymGuyz.

Describe how personal training is different for everyone. 

Our trainers modify how they work with each client. We find the best person on our team to build a personal relationship that sets the client up for success.

Some clients want to ease into their training program. We are sensitive to that, so our trainers won't walk into a session with big egos, read to whip those clients into shape. 

Other clients say, "It's crunch time! I have a wedding dress to fit into." Those clients may want a hard-core training program. 

Some people are vulnerable about admitting they need help to reach their health and wellness goals. They know they don't feel good about where they are physically or weight-wise. They are unsure what to expect from a personal trainer coming alongside them on their health journey.

 If a client has a history of poor self-esteem related to food, eating, and exercise habits, our trainer will be mindful of having conversations centered around feelings rather than weight loss.

What are some of your favorite success stories?

The weight loss successes are fantastic, of course. My favorite stories are when we see people's lives genuinely transform - something in their life has significantly changed beyond the size of their clothes or how they look.

One of my favorite stories is about an older dad with a very young son. When he started training, he couldn't get up and down from the floor without holding on to something. He was limited in playing on the floor with his toddler. Then one day, during his workout, he didn't have to use the couch to help himself up off the floor. Our trainer excitedly said, "Look at you!" To which the dad proudly stated, "I know. This quality-of-life change has made the time spent with my son so much better."

We have a client with Parkinson's Disease. While we don't see significant changes in his improvement, we know we are helping to slow the disease by maintaining his strength, muscular agility, balance, and independence with regular exercise.

What is the trainer's primary role? 


Each trainer knows exactly what their client needs. For example, knowing when to say, "Today needs to be a tough workout," and when to say, "Today we just need to just go for a walk to relieve stress out and talk through some things." Having a personal relationship with our clients helps keep them consistently moving in the right direction.


Sometimes the role of a trainer is simply to keep clients focused enough to get them through their workout. For example, people who work out at home can easily get distracted by their laundry, dog, or phone. It's so easy to quit a workout 15 minutes early. None of that happens with a trainer.


Today, there are Pelotons and Mirrors and endless fitness apps. For years, people have been able to watch YouTube videos, stream workouts, or open a health magazine to find workout tips and programs to follow. Unfortunately, the reason people don't exercise is not due to a lack of access or information. The reason people don't exercise is because they need someone to motivate them, check their progress, celebrate their success, and hold them accountable.

3 Pieces of Equipment 

· Dumbbells - Regardless of goals, we all need to be doing some form of resistance training. Dumbbells target every major muscle group. 

· Mini Bands - These bands are my go-to, especially for lower bodywork.

· Reebok Deck - Perfect for adding in cardio, as well as a bench for weightlifting. 

Katie's tips:

1) Three simple pieces of equipment are all you need. 

Each piece of equipment is super versatile, doesn't utilize a lot of space, and is inexpensive. 

2) Any amount of time works. 

Too often, we think we have to have at least a solid 30 minutes to work out. But any movement is a benefit. Those 5-10 minutes of cardio, strength, or flexibility add up to significant results. 

3) Incorporate mobility, flexibility, strength training, and cardio into your week. Mobility and flexibility exercises ensure that you move easily thru a full range of motion. Strength Training builds and maintains a healthy amount of lean muscle mass, keeps your resting metabolic rate in a healthy range, and improves your appearance with a toned body. 

Cardio keeps your body moving and your heart healthy. 

4) Be Kind to Yourself

Do not treat your exercise habits as all or nothing. There will be times when it is easy to stay on track, and other times life will get in the way. Don't beat yourself up, and don't stop trying. Just start again. And remember that your body benefits from just 5-10 minutes of exercise.

5) Use your support system

Share your health goals with people. I promise that it will help to keep you accountable. We are often quick to quit if things get tough or we do not see results. But if others know what you are working toward, they can help support you, and you will be less willing to give up. This support system can be a spouse/significant other, family, friends, co-workers, or a trainer/coach.

Start a conversation with Katie. Call 314-309-3019 or go to

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