Q&A with Author Emily B. Riddle

Drawing from Small-Town Sensibilities and Her Own Small-Farm Life, Knoxville Novelist Weaves Rich Love Stories in Her Rom-Com Series

Influenced by novelists Katherine Center and Sophie Kinsella, Emily B. Riddle crafts stories with strong-willed, relatable female leads infused with humor and heart. Her first work, First Comes Love, was published in 2022, followed by Then Comes Marriage in 2023. The last in the series releases this year.  

When did you know you wanted to write? 

I’ve wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I’ve been a reader. What I enjoy reading has always influenced what I write, and I’ve played with different genres. However, my heart beats wildly for a good romance and apparently my pen follows suit! Writing love stories, romantic comedy specifically, is a natural fit for me.    

What is your writing process?

From rough draft to published book, First Comes Love took about two years. I wrote the first draft quickly, rested it (let the book sit without reading) for longer than I needed to, and then spent what felt like half my adult life editing it. And as far as the book being in my hot little hands – that was an amazing experience, not quite as momentous as holding a newborn baby but also less messy and almost as fun to show off to strangers.   

I often have characters walking around in my head, which sounds disturbing in theory but isn’t in practice. There were three different stories that wanted telling and the longer I sat with them, the faster they fell into place, including the order in which to write them. The writing process was the same (butt in seat, hit that word count goal every day) but easier the second time around.   

What are your literary goals?

Writing stories that make women laugh and give them all the swoony feels is my goal. It’s my hope that readers finish one of my books and feel uplifted, that it gives them a sense of how romantic their ordinary, extraordinary lives truly are. After the third book release, it’s on to my next series!  

Find her work at Union Ave Books, Bear Den Books, Cork & Cover, and Amazon.

Follow her on Instagram @emilybriddlewrites or emilybriddle.substack.com

Writing love stories about folks falling in love in the little spot where they live and celebrating that local life is a joy for me!  It’s my hope that readers finish one of my books and feel uplifted.

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