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Quality Over Quantity

AR Homes in Birmingham

When David Bonamy invested in AR Homes and brought the franchise to Birmingham, he understood the distinct advantages to such a maneuver — namely, that the AR brand – also known as Arthur Rutenberg Homes — is well-respected for quality customer service as well as construction. Bonamy, a Birmingham resident for nearly three decades and a custom builder for almost two, enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with building custom homes. He felt that the Magic City needed a custom builder with what he called “a systemic approach” to the building process. 

“This is a national brand. There is an engine behind me,” he pointed out. “ If you look at our homes, we put together a system for you to build a custom home. The infrastructure, the brand, the designs — all of that is why I made this investment.”

According to Bonamy, the formula to becoming a successful custom builder is quite different from the formula to becoming a successful volume builder. Unlike a volume builder, typically tasked with building hundreds of homes per year, a custom builder focuses less on numbers and more on client satisfaction and quality. AR Homes will not be building hundreds of homes in the Birmingham market — conversely, their goal is to build far fewer homes with the finest architectural design, materials and service. 

“We build just a handful of homes really well and with the utmost organization, and we give the buyer enough structure so that the horror stories of custom home building are not applicable,” he explained. “We just want to build homes really, really well. We don’t want to cut corners. I think the product and the way we build — both the things the buyer sees and doesn’t see — are up to a particular standard. That’s who we are.”

So how is AR Homes faring so far in Birmingham? It’s gaining momentum, according to Bonamy, who pointed out that since the franchise’s inception in 2016, about 15 homes have been built, a number that he expects to grow as more locals become acquainted with the brand and the craftsmanship. 

“It’s a brand that, in various parts of the country, is well known — but around here, no one knew about it,” he said. “I felt like if I can build the brand — and build a long-term reputation of being the best — it will continue to be successful.”

“I’m not looking to be just a good home builder,” he added. “I’m looking to be the best in the market.”