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Roddey Player, Owner and President of Queen City Audio Video Appliances

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Queen City Audio Video Appliances and JennAir Products

The Perfect Combination for Your Home Design

Since 1952, Queen City Audio Video Appliances has built a sterling reputation as the Charlotte area’s industry leader in audio video and appliance sales. As the business has continued to expand, Queen City Audio Video Appliances has been recognized by numerous organizations including the National Association of Remodeling Industry, the Lake Norman Home Builders Association and the Interior Design Society. Queen City now ranks as one of the top 40 appliance retailers in the nation.

Charlotteans Eric and Casey Ferri recently purchased appliances for their new kitchen remodel from Queen City Audio Video Appliances based on a recommendation from their contractor, Atreum Construction. Previously, Casey had shopped there for home décor items and art for their home and had always had a good experience both with the quality of items sold and the chain’s superior level of customer service.

Building a Relationship to Homes

Roddey Player, owner and president of Queen City Audio Video Appliances elaborates on how the retailer has established its positive relationship with professional builders and contractors.

“By the early 1990s, Queen City developed a dedicated builder/contract sales division which further led to the growth of the business. Many of those same sales associates are still here today. We want to distinguish ourselves as industry experts. That is why we send our team to manufacturer product trainings. It is both this knowledge and our years of experience that keep customers coming back to us over the years.”

Eric and Casey's contractor referred them to a particular salesperson, Michael Sykes. After discussing their specific needs and tastes based on their preferred aesthetic and desired price point, Sykes suggested JennAir appliances.

Finding the Right Mix for their Kitchen at Queen City Audio Video Appliances

It was important to Eric and Casey that the appliances selected fit in with their lifestyle, which Casey describes as “a little adventurous” and includes a fair amount of entertaining, hosting both small and large groups of guests. Eric and Casey had, in fact, purchased their current home because it offered several elements essential to entertaining, such as an open floor plan, easy traffic flow and versatility between rooms, as well as access to natural light in the front of the house.

In planning the kitchen renovation, the couple felt it was essential that the overall style of the home be carried over into the design of this new room, continuing the use of neutral tones, lots of white contrasted beautifully by warm, dark brown floors and touches of gray and black with oil-rubbed bronze and dark hardware throughout.

Casey explains the aesthetic philosophy behind their choice of JennAir brand refrigerator, stovetop/oven, microwave, dishwasher and washer and dryer set from Queen City Audio Video Appliances.

The Chosen Ones

“When we remodeled the kitchen, we went with the classic stainless steel, and then as you see on the JennAir oven, it has touches of a matte brass on the controls because while we like neutrals, we do pull in a lot of metallics, and we pull a lot of textures into our décor. So we went with finishes in the kitchen that would play into that but not overwhelm it and not look too industrial.”

The technological advancements JennAir appliances offer have also proven their worth in practical function and as a time saver. Both Casey and Eric work full-time and Casey notes, “It’s nice to be able to preheat the oven from my cell phone on my way home.”

Commenting on the popularity of the JennAir product line, Roddey Player relates, “JennAir recently went through a relaunch and came out with two new product lines called Rise and Nori. With a tagline like ‘Bound for Nothing,’ they wanted to make a bold statement with their new designs. Our customers like the new look and its new connected home technology.”

Queen City Audio Video Appliances has two locations in Charlotte and additional stores in Monroe, Salisbury and Morganton. Plus, the Queen City Home store in Pineville, in addition to appliances, TV/audio, mattresses and grills, also offers home furnishings and design services.

To learn more about JennAir products and to view the extensive line of top-quality goods and appliances Queen City Audio Video Appliances offers for your home, visit Queen City today.

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