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Questioning Perceived Purposes

Artist Emily Culver plans to spend her residency at the James Castle House innovating her tools and techniques

Article by Editorial Staff

Photography by Emily Culver

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle


Emily Culver is an artist and educator originally from rural Pennsylvania. She creates multimedia objects that reference existing systems and tools to question their perceived purpose, and our relationship to them.

01 AFFORDANCES: Two tool-like objects create an intimate moment when hung in a bathroom stall.

02 FLAILS: The smooth forms, materials and finishes of these works beckon to be touched. 

03 WHAT SHE SAW WHEN SHE WALKED IN: The surface shown here was made by the artist; each tile was individually enameled and arranged before assembly. 

04 TROUGH SHROUDED: This ten foot long table-like sculpture was created using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling. 

05 PLUG: Copper sheet was formed and fabricated by hand to create this hollow object resembling a plug. 

06 LABOR OF SUGGESTION: An immersive installation that obscures situations where objects of desire are within view, but out of reach.