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Bourbon Pecan Pie

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Quiches & Pies

The Online Bakery Offers a Variety of Made-From-Scratch Quiches, Pies, and Wellingtons

When Fabrice and Máiréad Buschtetz opened Cuisine & Wine Bistro in 2015, the couple quickly noticed that customers couldn’t get enough of Chef Fabrice’s signature quiches.

In order to make it easier than ever for people to order and enjoy the savory egg-based dishes, along with their popular assortment of fruit pies, the couple was inspired to open their own specialty online bakery brand, Quiches & Pies.

As Máiréad notes, Quiches & Pies offers their handcrafted quiches and pies, which carefully respect the French tradition. 

Chef Fabrice is classically trained, she notes, and uses only the freshest ingredients for his pastries, including cage-free eggs and European butter and cream.

“Our quiches and pies are available wholesale to local businesses or may be purchased directly by our customers,” she says, adding that they currently offer nine types of quiches, one savory pie, 18 varieties of sweet pies, and two different Wellingtons.

For example, customers can choose from the classic Quiche Lorraine, as well as one made with bacon and caramelized onions; goat cheese and roasted tomatoes; or salmon, feta, and spinach.

Sweet pie choices include rhubarb crumble, Belgian chocolate, lemon meringue, and French silk pie in a choice of three flavors—chocolate, coffee, or caramel.

Quiches & Pies also offers seasonal choices, including a Christmas quiche that was popular during the recent holiday season.

“The advantage of being family-owned and -operated is that it allows us to go through the different flavored pies that we offer currently and make modifications, following our customers’ demands,” Máiréad notes.

Quiches & Pies can be ordered online for delivery or pick-up during regular business hours at Cuisine & Wine Bistro at 4991 S. Alma School Road.

“We do ask for a 48-hour notice, as we are a small team,” Máiréad says, adding that she and Fabrice are thrilled with their new bakery.

“Our decadent pies are made with only the freshest of fruits and rich, buttery flavors. We promise these desserts will deliver the taste of a traditional French pastry shop straight to your table.”

Chef Fabrice is classically trained, and uses only the freshest ingredients for his pastries, including cage-free eggs and European butter and cream.

  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Belgian Chocolate Pie
  • Bourbon Pecan Pie
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Quiche Lorraine
  • Chef Fabrice preparing the Belgian Chocolate Pie.
  • Quiche Lorraine