Raise Your Glass

Why send 2021 out with a bang when you can send it out with a pop... of the cork. Here are six sensational sparkling wines to celebrate the season and ring in the New Year in style:


One Hope Brut Sparkling Wine Gold Shimmer Edition

All that glitters is gold is—literally—here. Outside, the bottle itself glows. Not to be outdone, there is liquid gold inside offering aromas of nectarine and fresh bread, followed by crisp apple and succulent peach to the taste. $36

Caraccioli Cellars 2015 Brut Cuvée

Nuanced and structured, expect a combination of Macintosh apple, apricot, and lemon zest, followed by floral and vanilla notes on the nose here. There is then delightful acidity, zesty citrus, and pronounced stone fruit to please the palate. $52


Folktale Winery Haliotis

Inspired by champagne once found in an underwater shipwreck and its proximity to Monterey Bay, Folktale Winery wanted to impart some of the sea into its latest release, going so far as to age sparkling Sangiovese in the frigid waters of the bay for four months. The result is ultra-crisp and refreshingly clean. $55

2014 J Vineyards & Winery Blanc de Blancs

Winemaker Nicole Hitchcock deftly showcases California’s diverse terroir through her sparkling offerings. This vibrant expression offers Meyer lemon and floral notes on the nose, and then mandarin, green apple, and pear in every sip. $80

Holman Ranch 2015 Jarman Sparkling Brut Rosè

Aged four years with notes of peach and apricot as the glass hovers near the nose, this salmon-colored sparkler explodes with red apple, dried apricot, and fresh honey to the taste, with both a richness and balanced acidity on the finish. $105

2012 J. Schram

This effervescent and elegant varietal, aged for more than seven years, has complex layers of flavor ranging from caramelized pineapple, dried orange peel, and ginger to lemon curd, honey, and even graham crackers that will send your senses into overdrive. $130

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