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Reach Your Financial Goals in 2022

Reach your 2022 financial goals with advice from Dean Thurman, co-founder of InvestWise Financial, LLC.

Looking to get your finances in order in 2022? Knowing exactly where to start, or what to consider, can be overwhelming without the proper guidance. With the market, and the world, being in such a volatile state, having clear strategies in place to help you and your family feel in control is of the utmost importance.

If you’d like to prepare for unseen emergencies, create spending habits that support your values, stay on track towards future goals and plan for inflation, consider making these nine actions towards financial stability and freedom.

1.     Create an estate plan that will avoid your family having to go through probate court.

2.     Determine the optimal time to collect social security and how it coordinates with your other assets.

3.     Create a withdrawal strategy that is sustainable over time and so you won’t run out of money.

4.     Have an investment strategy in place that will protect you from withdrawing money if you have a prolonged market crash.

5.     Create a plan that will protect your assets against a large, unforeseen healthcare expense.

6.     Withdraw money from your account in a tax-smart way.

7.     Have a strategy for reducing taxes in the event of future tax increases.

8.     Make sure your investments allow your surviving spouse to have a strong financial position if you are gone.

9.     Have an investment portfolio that can withstand rising interest rates.

Not sure how to achieve your financial goals this year? Talking to a professional is an excellent first step.

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  • Dean Thurman, co-founder and senior partner at InvestWise Financial, LLC
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