Read-y For the New Year

Six Books Written by Your West Chester + Liberty Township Neighbors

2023 is full of possibilities! Whether your resolutions for this new year include getting more organized, handling your finances or leaning into mental health, these six books by your neighbors will guide you through embarking on new and healthy habits. Happy reading!

Did I Forget To Mention 

by Barb Markey

Less a reader and more a workbook, this text is meant to create a living documentation of all the important information that someone in your life might need: passwords, letters, monthly bills, accounts, dates and addresses. It’s all in one place so that your loved ones aren’t ever left scrambling for important info when you aren’t available. A great book to work through yourself or with your loved ones. 

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Leadership Soul 

by Kendall C. Wright

Kendall C. Wright is a motivational speaker and leadership development professional who brings years of experience to his unique mission in this book. He pairs key leadership lessons with Motown tunes that have captured the hearts of millions. The executive leadership course in this book is all the more engaging because of its musical tie-in, helping readers apply leadership lessons to life. 

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Diving Into Darkness to Find Light

by Mark Christopher Neff

This personal narrative and poetry collection is an inspiring meditation on how life change can be for the better. Neff works through the experience of selling a business and settling into a sober life, finding clarity and purpose as he writes. Poetry is a form of healing for him, and reading his journal through loss, mental health struggles, addiction and burnout can also help readers face and learn from the challenges in their own lives. 

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Speaking Up for Mom

by Llee Sivitz

Informed by her own experience as a patient advocate for her mother, Sivitz chronicles her journey to navigate the healthcare system effectively and get the information, resources and decision-making power she needed to stand by her mom. She didn’t want anyone else to find themselves without this information when they are making hard choices about medical treatment.

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Build Your Legacy Guide 

by Dale and Lynn Maloney

Another practical handbook is this guide for handling finances in three stages: right now, if/then and after. As the Maloneys were combining financial plans in their blended family, they realized that they could use more tools for organizing their whole financial picture. Finances must be handled now but also down the road, and having everything in one place was helpful for them. They wanted to share their successful system with others. 

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Hope and Learning

by Dr. Linda Snow-Griffin

The author takes the reader on a journey of understanding; she was a practicing psychologist when her own son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Over the course of 20 years, they both learned a lot about how best to be family to each other in the face of his diagnosis. Readers will find it both engaging as a story and informative as a resource for others seeking answers about Schizophrenia. 

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