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Change of scenery needed on the home front? These are Five of our favorite home updates for 2020

Winter is changing into spring, which is a great time to think about making changes at home. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite home update ideas and sat down with a few area home services professionals to learn how to get these dreamy looks.

We first met with Erik Andersons of Dean’s Landscaping (www.deanslandscaping.net) to learn more about how to achieve a perfect-for-outdoor-entertaining patio. The firepit, at the focal point, makes any outdoor space welcoming and warm - quite literally! This type of home upgrade is certainly appropriate for roasting marshmallows or for cozying up with a glass of your favorite red wine come fall.

To achieve this look, Andersons recommends meeting your hardscaper on-site for taking measurements and to discuss the project to determine the actual scope and budget. “It's critical to get accurate measurements of the property to ensure elevations, property lines and existing structures are noted,” he says, adding, “when it comes to materials, it's important to pick a quality product that is going to last for years and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.”

We love how there's even more to an upgrade like this than the added home value. Andersons concludes, “a well-planned hardscape design will create a relaxing space where valuable time with friends and family can be spent, day or night.”

Next up, we love this idea for a sunroom addition as a great way to let the outdoors in. Large windows will bring in the natural light of the sun while opening them allows you to feel the cool spring breeze and warm summer winds. And those harsh Ohio winters?

“A four-season sunroom, if built and insulated properly, allows the homeowners to experience the beauty of the winter months while not having to experience the frigid temperatures,” says Chad Coe, Vice President Business Development of Brentwood Builders in Cedarville (www.brentwoodbuilders.com).

Many homes do not have basements or, if they do, their basements are either used exclusively for storage or may not be very accessible to all people.  Sunroom additions provide a family with a second living space on the main level. Besides creating an appealing, accessible living space, sunroom additions typically cost less than other additions because of zero plumbing requirements and minimal electric work.

It’s important to note that a sunroom enclosure is different than a sunroom addition.  As Coe explains, “an enclosure is a prefabricated unit while an addition is a building that requires a footer and foundation.” He continues, “an addition will cost more, but will also increase your home value over a prefabricated unit.”

As we make our way into the kitchen, one trend we really love is a quartzite countertop and backsplash for a seamless, clean and modern look. 

Mitchell Parker of Houzz.com states that, “as granite continues to decline in popularity, according to recent Houzz research, quartzite seems to be rising. The natural stone is harder than granite and displays infinite variation, meaning no two slabs ever look the same. It’s also super heat-resistant and more scratch-resistant than engineered quartz.”

For a less involved but equally statement-making update, we also love the trend towards oversized pendant lights. “I think we will reach peak ‘statement light fixture’ by 2020,” interior designer Jennifer Ott says on Houzz.com. “It’s been building for years now and is culminating with homeowners’ now wanting rooms designed around these light fixtures that are basically works of art themselves. Large, impactful pendants in particular are all the rage.”

Onto closets. Who hasn’t ever wished for more closet space? We love how adding some strategic organization to a closet can make even a small closet look and feel bigger. And if you’re really daring, you could even convert an empty bedroom into the closet and dressing room combo of your dreams. Here to teach us more about the power of closet organization is Rachael Fancke, owner of Dayton Designer Closets (www.daytondesignerclosets.com).

“There are actually many ‘life’ benefits to having an organized closet,” Fancke says. “Because of the increased usable space and visual appeal, you don't waste time looking for things. You don't waste money buying things you’ve misplaced or can't find.” She continues, “there’s a real sense of relief in a well-organized environment.”

The great thing about closet systems is that they can be customized to update everything from small, reach-in closets to huge, walk-in closets with a variety of colors, accessories, and door and drawer styles to suit all tastes and home decor.

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