Real Estate Agent Kaitlynn Sauer

Life's Better with a Friendly Frenchie

We recently chatted with realtor, Kaitlynn Sauer, and her sidekick, Franklin.

What led you into a career in real estate?

I went to school for sports psychology but decided that was not the direction I wanted for a career. I spent some time as a personal trainer and enjoyed that very much. When my husband was accepted into law school in Coral Gables, Florida, I spent time getting my real estate license before moving back north. After working with several different agencies, I’m excited to be an agent with Compass. 

What are some of the best parts of your job?

As a realtor, I have so much flexibility. Every day is different. Some days, I can meet up with a friend for coffee, other days, I’m working hard to negotiate a great offer. It's exciting! My experience in psychology and personal training has given me a great foundation for working with people. I love helping make the home search easier--it can be challenging! I’ve even babysat while my clients went to check out a house on the market.

Tell me about your special “assistant”.

I have a six-year-old French bulldog named Franklin. He loves to sit on my lap when I am at my desk. Franklin sometimes accompanies me to the office or showings. He loves people and gets excited to meet new friends, but then he tuckers out and needs a nap. Sometimes I put him in a backpack, and he comes with me on hikes or errands. He was even in our wedding! His Instagram is @franklin_the_frenchie1.

How does Franklin enhance your career?

I love to get to know people. Franklin is a good ice-breaker when necessary. All I have to do is ask people if they have pets and show them Franklin’s picture or introduce them to him. Most people open up right away—he gets a lot of attention! We regularly visit the Montvale Dairy Queen, where I treat him to a vanilla soft serve. People recognize him before they recognize me!


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