Real Estate Is In This Family’s Blood. 

The mother/daughter team of Parkway Real Estate shines bright like a diamond!

Alexis Mirakian was born into the real estate world, shadowing her mother, Patty Parsons, as she went to work while raising her and her two siblings. After working together for more than 10 years, last year they pursued their dream of creating a company together that resonated with their values and philosophies and opened their own brokerage, Parkway Real Estate.

“My mom has always made working as a realtor look like fun!” Alexis says. “She would talk about her listings and about how her clients often became good friends. When I was younger, I would hear her on the phone negotiating terms to get a home under contract and then celebrating each and every closing. I often went to the office with her.”

Upon graduating from KU, Alexis worked for an international sports architecture firm in Kansas City. She worked on new client proposals helping prep for some of the largest names in sports. She feels this experience was key for her to switch from a client-driven industry into real estate. She enjoys the excitement of being her own boss, and in her first year won Rookie of the Year for top sales in her office.

“I am so lucky that I get to work with my mom. We’ve been working together in real estate for the past 10 years, but opening our own brokerage this past year, Parkway Real Estate, has been one of my greatest accomplishments,” Alexis smiles. “We balance each other out, bringing different elements to the table.”

Like her mother before her, Alexis is raising her own three young children and notes her husband has been her biggest cheerleader. They have 21 experienced agents, and it was the confidence of her family and mom, Parkway’s managing broker, that spurred her on. 

Patty’s interest in a real estate career began 24 years ago, stemming from the fact that it was the kind of business that allowed her to have a career and still maintain a family focus.

“With a husband and three school-aged children, I didn’t want to miss out. I wanted the best of both worlds,” she says. “My degree is in journalism, and I had a career in advertising prior to starting a family but gave that up once the children arrived. Years ago, most traditional careers didn’t offer the flexibility I was searching for. In real estate, you do spend a lot of hours and weekends working, but there is so much more flexibility. I made it work!”

She explains that she and Alexis put their heads together and decided they needed a change and wanted a company with the values and environment they wanted.

“The icing on top is doing this together,” she exclaims.

Both confirm the change in the business has been huge in technology and philosophy, noting, “The market is still crazy with low inventory. There are not enough homes for all the buyers wanting to purchase a new home. The multiple offers, crazy over asking, and sold in a day are still the current market here in Kansas City. We aren’t slowing like the east and west coast, and we have more people relocating to our area.”

Patty reflects that having Alexis join her has truly rejuvenated and reinvigorated her. 

“My husband is semi-retired, and my three children are married and thriving. We have four grandchildren and two dogs that keep my ‘after hours’ busy,” she relates. “My goal is for Alexis to run this company for 25 years and even introduce her children to the business if they are so inclined.”

The connection this mother/daughter team has is what makes their collaborative efforts work swimmingly. 

Parkway Real Estate is located at 8201 Mission Rd. #104 in Prairie Village. Call Alexis Mirakian at 913-620-3135 or Patty Parsons at 913-579-2460. Visit parkwayre.com.

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