Bailey Foster, Maker of “Real Good Kitchen”

Knoxville native builds a food incubator to help Knoxville entrepreneurial food businesses succeed

1. What is RGK?

Real Good Kitchen is Knoxville’s first full-service shared commercial kitchen and food business

incubator. We have a 2500 sq ft facility that opened in January on Magnolia Avenue in East

Knoxville. You can think of Real Good Kitchen as a co-working space for food businesses. We

provide the space and resources food entrepreneurs need to take the next steps with their


It’s been nearly 4 years since I started working on building Real Good Kitchen, and I’m thrilled

that it’s finally coming to life. We know Knoxville loves local food, and we think there’s so much

room for more of it. It takes a community to build a kitchen, and we are so grateful for the

support we’ve received.

2. How does a food incubator work? In that, what are some of the common road blocks that new

food businesses run into that food incubator helps too offset?

Real Good Kitchen makes food business ownership more accessible by lowering risks and

barriers--we invest in the equipment and infrastructure that food businesses need to operate

legally and optimize production. We also offer mentorship, support and a network of resources

focused on the unique challenges of food business ownership.

3. What is your vision for RGK?

At Real Good Kitchen, we’re building a diverse community of food professionals who share

space and resources and work side-by-side to build their businesses. We’re creating

opportunities for greater equity and financial security for more people through food businesses


At Real Good Kitchen, we believe that we can make change through food. We're also a TN

Public Benefit Company which means we're committed to making an impact in our community.

4. What types of businesses are located with RGK so far?

We can serve a wide variety of food businesses from caterers and food trucks to bakers and

consumer packaged goods manufacturers. We onboarded 3 businesses in our first week--

NeverFull Waffles, Lirio Chocolate, and Cooks on the Curb. We anticipate bringing new

businesses on each week as we grow. We have a prospective client list of over 100 businesses,

and we aim to serve as many as we can.

5. If people would like to consider being part of RGK, do you still have room for other new


Absolutely. All of the information about our services, membership packages and rates is on our


6. How can readers help to support RGK?

We are always in need of professional expertise to add to our network of resources, and as a

startup business, capital is an ongoing need. We’re continuing to outfit our facility with

equipment that Members need, and we’re working on establishing a Food Entrepreneur Capital

Fund to support food businesses financially. Readers who are interested in getting involved

should visit our website to contact us and contribute.

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