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Real Talk with Realtor Trish Egan

Knowing you’re not alone is worth its weight in gold. Trish Egan is a realtor who has been in your shoes. When it comes to moving your life, she understands the process. Egan has lived it. It’s now her career path and passion to guide you through one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Egan has lived in Michigan, New York, Charleston, Denver and Nashville. Through the many moves, she has learned the importance of a safe space, a home sanctuary to hang your hat and create loving memories. She wants you to feel at home wherever you land, and recognizes what that requires. It’s a bit different for everyone. Tricia says, "My husband is a news anchor and we moved from Charleston to Denver to Nashville pretty quickly. There are so many balls in the air - it can be hard to stay organized." Egan makes the transitions smooth, fun, and loves to spoil her clients.

Egan is a graduate of Michigan State University. She laughs, "I ran track in college and while I wasn't the star, Coach often had me host recruits. I loved selling them on our school. Welcoming people, making them feel at home and plugged-in is in my blood." Egan has a well-versed background in sales, and has been in real estate for the last few years. "It's an emotional sale.  I love people and the relationship means so much to me.  Gaining their friendship and trust as I help them navigate is an honor. I've made incredible, life-long friends through real estate.”

The mother of three kids, 5, 3, and 6-months adds, "I understand a move can be about much more than just the house. It’s not merely marketing their current place, or selling a new home. I take pride in taking care of my people, providing guidance and personal touches that make it a memorable experience."

Navigating a move, welcoming a 3rd baby in a pandemic, taking care of client needs, and believing and investing in the Franklin community, are all a part of what makes Trish Egan authentic. Instagram: @eganandhome