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Realtor Andrew Bloom Shares His Road to Success

Behind the success of Realtor Andrew Bloom, is a man with heart and a passion for life's simple pleasures. He and his wife have four children, one of whom is part of their team, and they have resided in the same home for 20 years, enjoying  the ability to host multiple charities, events and parties at the affectionately named 'Casa De Bloom'. When not traveling or indulging in popular Arizona outdoor activities, the Blooms can be found at a Spring Training Game or out on their boat. After a difficult childhood, Bloom feels grateful to be where he is in his career and personal life; and parlays his compassion and hard work into helping others. 

You are a big name in Real Estate and in the Scottsdale community. Why is this community so important to you?

I started my career in real estate 30 years ago doing grass roots social work as a low income housing advocate. I continue to support local community agencies including Vista Del Camino, St. Mary’s food bank, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I was a founding member of the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and my connections with local businesses made it very natural for my real estate career to progress. I have been boots on the ground for 30 years and today I am proud to be running the #1 real estate team in the fastest growing county in our country.

Focusing on your business, how does it relate directly to the real estate market?

For 3 decades in a row I have led the Scottsdale housing market in sales. Since 1981, when David Van Omen was first licensed to sell real estate, the BVO team has helped over 7,000 families buy or sell real estate in the local market. In 2019 we helped serve 530 families and nearly $200 million in closed volume. Having mastery and building your network takes a lifetime. Our clients come to us as critical advisors to make important wealth management decisions. 

Your success must equate to the amount of trust clients have in you, how is your approach to real estate unique?

I grew up in and out of homelessness. I treasured having a roof over my head and working hard. I was determined early in my life to help others achieve the comforts of having a stable shelter. Having come from nothing I realized early in my real estate career that the hard earned money I was making didn’t belong to me, but was rather revenue in the business I was in. Therefore I had to put the money back into the business for my life to run more efficiently. I hired staff, paid for marketing, taxes, supplies, etc. I didn't simply ride the waves of the real estate cycle with little consistency and little support. I always felt that in real estate you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first. You can’t help others if your own house is falling apart.

I began to see that not only low income families needed my expertise, but affluent people did as well. As my competency in real estate increased so did the demand for my time. I was selling 100 homes a year pretty quickly and found that in order to provide the same high level of fiduciary care I was providing I would need to deepen my bench. I began hiring and training staff to support me and the growth of the business. I fell in love with real estate again because I fell in love with growth and leadership.

You have a passion for helping families find dream homes, what makes Scottsdale that 'ideal place to live'? 

The lifestyle benefits of living in Scottsdale are some of the best in the world. We have world class golf, tennis, hiking and healthcare. Our homes are affordable compared to our California neighbors and property taxes are very low. The entertainment venues, restaurants, shopping, and easy traffic patterns makes Scottsdale a global destination. There are always a few that stand out as being the most significant in my career. The first home I ever sold was to a high school friend of my wife’s. 20 years later I sold the house again and helped him find his dream lot to build his forever home. Helping the children of my clients buy their first homes is always memorable as is buyers who use their VA benefits or first responders. I’ve even sold homes for numerous athletes, celebrities, physicians, and CEO’s. 

"Our goal for 2020 is to serve 1,000 families. We are dedicated to getting better at doing what we do everyday so that we are the clear choice for our clients and their referrals for years to come."

Notable Accolades: 

-2019: YTD January-June #5 KW TEAM in the world

-Rolling 12 months: $220 million in volume

-2014: $40 million, RE/MAX Circle of Legends Award $10M in lifetime GCI

-1995: Rookie year: 40 closed transaction $3M in sales volume, $75K GCI

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