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Arianna Carps hanging out in front of the store

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Rear Ends

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Rear Ends has been the local second-generation “go-to boutique” for nearly 43 years. After retiring and focusing on their Bloomfield Hills store, Mark and Elaine Carps have gracefully handed the wheel to daughter Arianna. Having her at the helm means she’s still carrying on the family ideals that her parents created from the very beginning. “We’d rather have someone leave emptyhanded and return again than have someone leave with something that doesn’t fit to never return again,” says Arianna. It’s clear she’s doing everything possible to keep Rear Ends thriving during the pandemic: text or Zoom appointments, honest and personal shopping, curbside pickup, local delivery, and free shipping on purchases over $100. Though online shopping is on the rise, Arianna notes that it lacks that special connectivity and personal experience of a visit to the store. Rear Ends has always had the community’s back; now it’s time for us to show up for them. 

Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm. Visit or call 248-626-4333.

  • Arianna Carps hanging out in front of the store
  • Arianna Carps along side her parents and original owners, Mark and Elaine Blumenfeld
  • Arianna Carps and Elaine Blumenfeld