Recharge Your Energy - Simple Stretches for Any Age

Established in 2014, Scientifically Oriented Athletic Regimen is a training program focused on helping athletes in middle school, high school, and college reach new levels of performance. SOAR has a progressive, unique, and balanced approach that is guaranteed to build a well-rounded athlete. SOAR also trains adults to reach their health and wellness goals through small group training or personal training to be able to keep up with their kids and grandkids for years to come!

1. Standing Pigeon Stretch:

A commonly tight muscle for adults is the piriformis muscle in the glute region. Some adults can experience sciatic nerve pain that can be very painful at times! Tightness in the piriformis muscle is sometimes the culprit. With one leg crossed at about 90 degrees, use a prop to elevate the foot and lower leg. You should feel the stretch in the side of the hip and glute area of the leg that is up and crossed. To feel more of a stretch, lean forward more or put your leg higher. To lessen the stretch, try a lower prop or have less of a forward lean.

 2. Hip Flexor Leaning Stretch

When we sit for longer periods of time due to work or school, this region on the top of the thighs can become very tight. With one leg in front of the other, shift your weight forward on the front leg into a slight lunge with the back leg straight. As you lean, keep your chest tall and push your hips forward. After feeling a stretch at the top of your thigh, reach one arm straight up and lean towards the leg out in front of you. This lean adds an extra stretch that can be beneficial to relieving lower back stiffness and pain.

3. Doorway stretch

Bad posture affects many people. Shoulders can round forward over time due to the way we sit during work, school, or even just hanging out. This causes a great deal of tightness in our chest. This stretch is tremendous and easy to do anywhere you are! For many, more mobility here can relieve extra tension and tightness in the upper back and neck! It also can help release tension in your shoulders. In a doorway or the corner of a room, lift your arms out to your side with your elbows at 90 degrees. With your forearms resting on the doorway or wall, lean forward until you start feeling a stretch through your chest and shoulders. Your chest should fall forward but make sure to keep your back straight!

A good general rule is to hold static stretches for 20-30 seconds at a time and complete them for 2-3 sets. Don’t have time to do them all? No worries - these are easy enough to do throughout your day and they don’t have to be done all at the same time! Remember, you do not need to be in pain to get an effective stretch. Go just far enough to feel a light stretch. If you are tight, over time, you can try to stretch further into it. Make sure you breathe deeply as you complete the stretch as well!

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