Recipes for Radiant Evergreens

Setting up and decorating an evergreen tree has been part of the Christmas tradition for what feels like forever. Did you know this tradition began in the mid-1830s? And while a variety of unique elements have adorned evergreens over the years, every family strives for the same result – a radiant Christmas Tree.

We’ve got the perfect holiday recipes to create bright, big, and beautiful trees this year. Here are some time-tested tips based on our years of experience:
Designer Tips
-         When choosing ornaments and florals, choose ones with different colors, textures, and sizes for interest.
-         To create a proportionate floral topper, start 2/3rds of the way up the tree so that the top 1/3 of the tree becomes the topper.
-         When placing floral picks throughout the tree, change the angle of floral picks to match the natural angle of the tree branches.
-         Divide the tree into quadrants to ensure you’re decorating the tree evenly.
-         When using ribbon, wired is best. Instead of wrapping the tree with one long ribbon roll, try cutting the ribbon in 1-yard lengths. Take those lengths and place them to look like they are cascading around the tree, tucking the ends deep into the branches. This will give the illusion of the ribbon disappearing into the tree. 
-         Use large ornaments, floral picks, and ribbons to help hide gaps in the tree. Tuck the ornaments back as far as you can into the tree.
-         Wrap the ornament string around the tree branches so that the ornament hangs directly below the branch instead of having a large gap.
-         Add interest by securing a few large decorative items, such as tree arms which can hold votives or taper candles.

7’ Tree Recipe
-         21 Yards of Ribbon and/or Garland
-         55 Floral Picks (20 to be used for a Floral Topper)
-         21 Large Ornaments
-         42 Medium Ornaments
-         70 Small Ornaments

9’ Tree Recipe
-         27 Yards of Ribbon and/or Garland
-         69 Floral Picks (24 to be used for a Floral Topper)
-         27 Large Ornaments
-         54 Medium Ornaments
-         90 Small Ornaments

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