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Reclaim Your Home This Summer

Retractable Sun Shades in Central Oregon

Article by Chris Healam

Photography by Chris Healam

The warmer days of Summer are on our doorsteps.

The transition from Spring to Summer is magical. Farewell Bend Park, Old Mill, and Drake Park are all filling with paddle boarders, people floating, surfers in the water park, and families splashing in the water; all finding relief from the heat and sun. Windows and doors are finding themselves left open throughout the days. Patios are becoming common areas to socialize with friends and family. Nature is making itself heard with the sounds of animals nearby. Admit it, we all dream of Summer time temperatures and fun, but often forget the concessions we're making when it arrives.

Many are beginning to notice the Sun's new position in the sky. Windows that once remained shaded are now sources of blinding sunlight and heat. Patios that were temperate and cool are now becoming hot and uncomfortable. Mosquitos and other insects are coming to life and are out in full force, as are the prying eyes of nosey neighbors. What's our typical response? Shutout the sun and close the blinds tightly, abandon the patio we dreamed about, and don insect repellent in amounts akin to our first time using perfume or cologne. Oh, and retreat back into our homes, away from the awkward stares from the neighbors. Not the Summer we remembered!

What if we could tame the light coming through our windows, and also stop the heat? What if we could cool and enjoy our patios all day? What if we could keep the relentless insects at bay? What if we could stop someone from gazing into our home and create the privacy to feel comfortable?

We can do all of that! Do not surrender to the Summer time concessions of the past! But how?

An exterior retractable sun shade will give you the ability to control the sunlight and control the heat that used to enter your windows. An exterior retractable sun shade will block the sun's relentless rays, keeping your patio cool and enjoyable, which used to be hot and uncomfortable. An exterior retractable sun shade is closed on all sides creating a fantastic barrier to intruding insects, which used to have unfettered access to the world around them. And an exterior retractable sun shade will give you the privacy you desire from neighbors that used to be able to see into your home.

You just found a solution to those concessions. In fact, it's called a Solution Screen. A full tension, guided, retractable sun shade that's available in a wide array of colors, fabric choices and in customizable sizes up to 32ft wide with a 20ft height. There's a combination which will match everyone's style. Each Solution Screen is operable via a handheld remote (or your phone) and can be automated to roll up and down based on the sun, wind or time, making operation a breeze. Covered by a 5 year parts warranty, 5 year labor and install warranty, 10 year fabric warranty and a LIFETIME warranty on all Signature Series motors, you can rest assured that your Solution Screen will stand the test of time and help maximize your Summer time activities year after year.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without one!

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