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Myrthe Molenveld

Myrthe Molenveld is a pro at the Greenwich Field Club and originally from the Netherlands. 

How long have you been playing platform tennis?

I started playing in September 2014. However, tennis I started when I was 7 and played college tennis for Auburn University.  

Favorite part about the sport?

The friends I have made, and the camaraderie. The day is so fun, you compete hard, and then you have a drink and dinner afterwards with everybody. Growing up with tennis, you played hard, and you didn't really have that feeling afterwards.

Favorite motivational quote, or phrase you say before a match?

This year has been very busy with work and has been a treat to play the few tournaments that I have so far. So I tell myself to just enjoy the day competing, this way I don't put pressure and I tend to relax more, and therefor play better. Johan Cruyff used to say, every disadvantage has its advantage, for me this means I am  relaxed about playing due to the work schedule. 

Recent wins and ranking?

We made the finals of the Boston Open - Grand Prix, beating the nr 1 team of Hanish and Cooper, and nr 5 team of Sikora and Morgan. Losing 6-4 in the 3rd set in the finals against the now nr 1 team in the country of Ondrejkova and Zubori. 

We also made the finals of the pro Flight Tournament in Westchester beating the team of Enica andHanish in the semi finals, losing in 3 sets in the finals against Curtis and Ondrejkova

We are currently ranked 8 with only 2 ranking tournaments this year so far. The work schedule has been too busy to play more tournaments. But we will go to Philly for another Grand Prix and play the Nationals here in Darien.