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Red, White and Frugal

Choice Wines for Every Budget

Many folks enjoy good wines when entertaining and dining. From whites to reds, wines have never been more popular.

Whether clear, white chardonnays or deep red burgundies, there is no shortage of wines from which to choose. While most oenophiles make selections based upon taste, aroma and texture, savvy buyers also factor in cost. Cost is influenced by several factors, including oak barrel fermentation, aging time and terroir (location and methods for growing grapes).

In this article, we examine a variety of white and red wines that run the gamut from inexpensive to expensive. First, let’s take a look at some white wines that are available locally.

White Wines ($)

2016 Acrobat Pinot Gris, California, $13.99

This vintage is a well-balanced and refreshing white wine. It features a blend of cool, fruit flavors, highlighted by hints of grapefruit and pine needles.

2016 Raeburn Chardonnay, Oregon, $16.99

This chardonnay is a rich, creamy white wine with a balanced, smooth finish. It features the refreshing flavors of green apple and pears. 

2014 Treana White Blend, California, $23.99

This blended wine (Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne) features the vibrant flavors of both tropical and stone fruit, and it contains subtle hints of flowers and honey. 

White Wines ($$$)

2016 Jermann Pinot Grigio, Italy, $24.99

This vintage is an elegant white wine that is built around the smooth tastes of almond and vanilla. Its flavor is enhanced with a nuance of fruit and spices.

2015 Truchard Chardonnay, California, $29.99

This white wine features a palate-pleasing array of natural flavors, led by the sweet aromas of pineapple and honeysuckle. It also features hints of nutmeg, fig and toasted oak.

2016 Gaja Ca’ Marcanda Vistamare, Italy, $69.99

This blended wine (Vermentino and Viognier) leads with the superb, fruity tastes of peach, apricot and honey. It also has the floral characteristics of blossoms and jasmine. 

As with white wine, there are various types of red wine that appeal to different palates. From zinfandels to merlots, reds from many vintners are available in Hendersonville.

To help our readers make the right choices, Evelyn Bonds and Ted Tieves of Pour Vous provided us with recommendations for wine in both price categories. Below, we take a look at some inexpensive and expensive red wines that are available locally.

Red Wines ($)

2014 Columbia Crest Merlot, Washington, $12.49

This red wine offers an exceptional blend of the rich flavors of plum and milk chocolate. The sublime flavors are enhanced by a silky smooth finish.

2015 Mossback Chalk Hill Cabernet, California, $18.99

This wine is a classic full-bodied cabernet enhanced with the flavors of cassis and blackberries. It is finished with nuances of oak spice and leather.

2016 Gundlack Bundshu Mountain Cuvee, California, $19.99

This blended wine (Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec and Cabernet Franc) offers the earthy flavor and aroma of tobacco enhanced by subtle hints of red and black currants and cherry vanilla. 

Red Wines ($$$) 

2015 Mount Veeder Cabernet, California, $39.99

This full-bodied wine is laced with the fruity taste of blackberry and cherry flavors. It is finished with rich layers of cocoa, tobacco and cedar notes.

2014 Rodney Strong Symmetry, California, $49.99

This complex blend (Cabernet, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc) features a plush bouquet of black cherry, plum, black fig and rose petal flavors. 

2014 Cakebread Merlot, California, $71.49

This red wine blend (Merlot and Cabernet) features the fragrant aromas of ripe blackberries, plums and black currants. It is finished with a subtle tinge of herbal spice. 

  • 2015 Mount Veeder Cabernet
  • 2014 Treana White Blend
  • 2015 Canvas Merlot
  • 2007 Beringer Merlot