Redecorate, Restyle, Reinvigorate

Fresh ideas to refresh your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Springtime ushers in a season of new beginnings. There’s no better time to breathe new life into familiar spaces – inside and out! From a simple paint palate update to a major renovation, now is the time to shake off the winter gloom and shake up your house and yard. 

Chas Daniels, President of Acero Bella Fine Home Fittings, agrees that a fresh coat of paint is the easiest and most affordable way to update a room. Warmer tones reflect the warmer days, with the still-popular grays trending to “greige,” a rich neutral gray with a hint of beige. Replacing fixtures – graphite, gunmetal and darker colors are becoming more popular – is also a simple way to bring a new look.

 To make a bigger splash, rethink that kitchen sink. Over-sized, extended sink systems that combine preparation, serving and cleaning are changing everything in the heart of the house. “Kitchen workstations, like The Galley, are a phenomenal tool for people who love to cook. It’s such a cool thing, and we’re all crazy about it,” said Daniels about the customizable sinks that can be up to seven feet long. Curate with The Galley Dresser, an interior storage system combining thoughtful artistic statement with culinary functionality and the kitchen is elevated to a new level of luxury. 

“Wall steam ovens are the new kitchen essential,” Daniels declares. “Incorporating convection and steam, it’s a healthier way to cook and reheats leftovers like nobody’s business.” Instead of utilizing a heating element like traditional ovens, steam ovens heat water to boiling (212 degrees Fahrenheit), turning it to steam, then introducing the moist air into the oven. Cooking with steam is shown to reduce the need for calorie-dense oils and preserve nutrients.

Steam is finding its way into the bathroom, as well. Steam showers, an elegant and functional upgrade, provide an excellent return on investment. Environmentally friendly, conserving significant amounts of water and electricity over conventional showers, steam showers are also a great selling point for any home. 

Bathroom designs, though, are trending back to traditional styles. “The transitional look is waning,” said Daniels. “We’re getting away from the free-standing bathtubs and back to the under-mounted tubs. We need a place to set our wine glass and book!” 

Take the wine glass and some friends and head outdoors. Springtime in Texas is irresistible for alfresco entertaining. In preparation for perfect parties, upgrade the outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. Compact and designed to enhance your current look, most models are simple to use and sports temperatures upwards of 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Top with fresh herbs and vegetables from a backyard garden (their popularity continues to bloom in the wake of CoVid) and delicious pies are ready in no time.  

“Simple elegance and straight lines are giving outdoor spaces a modern, contemporary look,” according to Mirror Lake Designs owner and president. “Less is more. Natural materials; travertines and lighter colored tiles; grays and whites are predominant” in creating the perfect outside living area. Incorporating sound with water elements like fountains and smell with well-chosen flowering plantings, rosemary and basil can make even small spaces feel comfortable and intimate, according to Mirror Lake Designs.  

“Adding durable, colorful plants always beautifies the yard,” they point out. “So many plantings are struggling after the winter freeze, it’s important to refresh your mulch. It improves the soil so much.” Mirror Lake Designs strongly recommends prime, organic mulch and avoiding anything that is tinted or colored. 

Sustainability is also coming to the porch, patio and poolside. Furniture constructed from reclaimed wood and with landfill- and ocean-bound plastics, solar-powered landscape lighting and biodegradable pots make time spent with Mother Nature better for everyone. 

Whether making a small update in one room or tackling a major renovation, the most important trend for 2023 interiors and exteriors is personal expression: finding the style that best reflects you and decorating with your own personal approach and flair.   


Acero Bella Fine Home Fittings will be opening a showroom in The Woodlands in late Spring 2023. Mirror Lake Designs is located in Spring. 


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