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Redefining Inclusive Living

North End Apartments/Village Of Merici: Accessible Sanctuary For All

North End Carmel

Village of Merici and North End Carmel united to create a future of accessible living for people with disabilities. Residents are empowered by the advanced features and inclusive amenities catering to various needs.

Socializing Reinvented

Residents can enjoy coffee and camaraderie at Indie Coffee Roasters and Le Petit Gauteau Bakery, and use common areas around the complex. Hannah Harless, the complex's community and technology support coordinator, plans events and encourages residents to form lasting friendships.

Effortless Accessibility

Elevators in each building meet residents' mobility needs, while the ButterflyMX entry system enables seamless and secure access for residents, promoting independence and easy navigation. 

Transformative Tech Integration

Integrating the Amazon Echo Show allows residents to look up recipes, communicate with their families, and get an enhanced living experience with voice-activated assistance for daily tasks. 

Friendly Community

Jason Tieneker is a resident who admits he loves to make people feel welcome. As a new neighbor moved in, Jason graciously lent a hand and donated his extra couch.