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Redefining the Investment Advice Model

A Transparent Approach to Wealth Management 

In a world where financial advisory firms often blur into a monotonous landscape, one voice stands out, advocating for transparency, lower costs, and genuine client-centric services. 

Metric Financial brings a refreshing perspective to the table and the expertise of its founder and CEO, Tim Baker, a CFA with a background steeped in investment management, not sales tactics. 

He started Metric Financial in part because of his disdain of the traditional financial advisory model, where clients are often kept in the dark about fees and investment strategies. 

"If you go to one of the big firms and ask how they're different, you're likely to receive a cookie-cutter response, but in the end, there’s very little difference in what one firm charges (or how they invest) versus another." 

His epiphany came during his tenure at prominent financial institutions, where he witnessed firsthand the disconnect between advisors and their clients' needs. Fueled by a desire to affect real change, he founded Metric Financial, guided by a singular mission: to provide comprehensive financial services at a fraction of the industry's typical cost. 

At the heart of Metric Financial's approach lies a passionate commitment to transparency. Unlike many firms that bury clients under layers of hidden fees and complex investment products, Metric Financial operates on a straightforward fee structure, starting at just 0.75 percent and dropping further at certain asset thresholds. This fee, significantly lower than the industry average, ensures that clients receive value for their money without sacrificing quality service. 

But it's not just about cost savings; Metric Financial prioritizes investment efficiency and performance. By exclusively utilizing exchange-traded funds (ETFs), known for their lower costs and tax efficiency, Metric Financial ensures that clients' portfolios are positioned for long-term success. This strategy stands in stark contrast to the prevalent practice of loading clients into expensive, underperforming mutual funds. 

"Our investment philosophy is grounded in data and logic," he explains. "We work with investing strategies that align with our clients' goals and risk tolerance."

Central to Metric Financial's ethos is the concept of fiduciary responsibility. As a fiduciary, Metric Financial is committed to acting in the best interests of its clients, a standard that sets it apart from many competitors who may prioritize sales commissions over client outcomes. This commitment to independence fosters trust and confidence, essential elements of any successful advisory relationship. 

In addition to investment management, Metric Financial provides a comprehensive suite of financial services, including financial planning as well as tax and estate planning guidance. This holistic approach empowers clients to make informed decisions about their financial future, free from the constraints of hidden fees or conflicting interests. With Charles Schwab as its custodian, Metric ensures that clients' assets are held with the utmost security and integrity. 

But perhaps the most significant differentiator of Metric Financial is its unwavering dedication to client communication and education. Through regular updates, educational materials, and personalized guidance, Metric Financial strives to encourage clients to actively take control of their financial destiny. 

"We believe in arming our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions," he asserts. "Our goal is not just to manage wealth but to empower lives."

As Metric Financial continues to challenge the status quo, its impact reverberates across the financial advisory landscape. In a world where giant financial institutions reign, Metric Financial stands as a beacon of integrity and accountability—a testament to the power of transparency and client advocacy in an industry ripe for disruption. 

Timothy M. Baker, CFA®

Metric Financial, LLC

Phone: 860-256-5895



"If you go to one of the big firms and ask how they're different, you're likely to receive a cookie-cutter response, but in the end, there’s very little difference in what one firm charges, or how they invest, versus another."