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Local Bike Shop Offers Advice On Choosing Your Perfect Ride

During childhood, you experience a lot of special moments.

Your first day at school.

Your first pet.

Your first crush.

All of these happenings create fond memories that you will reminisce about all through your life.

One of the most pivotal moments that you experience is the day that you get your first bicycle. Despite all of the holiday and birthday gifts that you have received up to that point, your first bike is special; it is the ultimate toy.

Initially, your new bicycle is intimidating, as it takes a while to learn how to ride it safely. However, as your riding skills and confidence grow, the bike undergoes a magical transformation. Suddenly, it has become much more than a toy – it is your ticket to freedom.

No longer are you limited to the distances to which you can walk or run. No longer are you dependent upon your parents to transport you to wherever you want or need to go.

You can come and go as you wish – you are liberated. Your newfound freedom is priceless, and it seems as if your love affair with your bicycle will never end. That is, until you become old enough to get your driver’s license. At that point, your first car rapidly supplants your bike to become the most important transportation element in your life.

However, you soon find that your respite from bicycles is only temporary. Whether for fitness, transportation or simply relaxation, you realize that you miss the joy of riding. You resolve to make cycling a part of your life again, but you are not sure where to begin.

Fortunately, if you live in the Hendersonville area, there is an easy solution to this dilemma – Biker’s Choice.

Owned by local cycling enthusiast David Hardin, Biker’s Choice has been training and outfitting cyclists across Middle Tennessee for over 30 years.

“Cycling has been an important part of my life since I was a child,” says David. “I love bikes, and I love the business of providing bikes, as well.”

David’s long history with biking first began in the seventies, when he was inspired by the two-wheeled exploits of daredevil Evel Knievel. His interest grew stronger throughout the eighties, when he became involved in bicycle motocross (BMX) racing.

“From early on, I knew that I wanted to build my life around cycling,” says David. “My first job at age 16 was working in a bike shop, and that experience led me to opening Biker’s Choice in 1989.”

David’s personal knowledge and experience with cycling has led him to craft Biker’s Choice into a complete, one-stop location to meet the needs of all area bikers.

“We offer a complete line of the most popular types of bikes and accessories,” says David. “We also have a full-service maintenance shop staffed with trained, experienced technicians who are committed to keeping our customers’ bikes in tip-top shape.”

Biker’s Choice offers all of the most popular types of bicycles, including road, mountain, hybrid, comfort and youth bikes. Individual cycle prices vary, depending upon styles and features. Price ranges include road - $1,500 to $8,000, mountain - $700 to 7,000, comfort/neighborhood - $600 to $5,000 and youth - $200 to $500. All bike brands, such as Specialized, Bianchi, Norco and Haro, are from companies owned by bikers who understand the needs of the cycling community.

Over the past few years, a new technology known as E-Assist has become available that takes cycling to an entirely new level.

“E-Assist technology is available in most of the traditional bike categories, and I highly recommend it,” says David. “For example, our E-assist bikes from Specialized feature torque-driven systems that balance muscle power and electric motor augmentation to improve cycling range, speed and hill-climbing capabilities. Riders get the same great aerobic workout as with conventional bicycles, but with much more efficiency.”

Given the myriad of choices available, customers can sometimes find it difficult to choose the bicycle that suits them best. However, David and his team’s knowledge and experience can help cyclists make the right choice for their budget and riding styles.

“Whenever new customers come into our store, we undergo a discovery process with them to determine their interests, cycling history, desired riding locations and fitness aspirations,” says David. “Once we understand their goals, we are able to help them select the right bike for their needs. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, now and in the future.”

As part of his daily business, David is often asked about the best places to ride in and around town.

“There is no shortage of great places to ride around Hendersonville, regardless of your riding style. For example, there are lots of popular road routes in our area, including the Hendersonville Greenway, the Indian Lake Peninsula, the Walton Ferry Peninsula and the Two Rivers Park Greenway in Nashville,” says David. “Popular off-road/mountain bike trails include the Warrior Trace, Lock 4 Park in Gallatin, Cedar Hill Park in Nashville and the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail in Ashland City. In addition, in the not-too-distant future, the Batey Farm Park in Hendersonville will offer a series of mountain bike trails.”

Over the years, Biker’s Choice has continued to grow and prosper due to David’s commitment to his customers and his community.

“A wise man once told me that love is defined as putting another person's happiness, well-being and security ahead of your own,” says David. “At Biker’s Choice, we do our best to embody that philosophy in how we treat our customers, our employees and our community.”

David’s passion for riding is infectious, and he shares it with all of his customers and the cycling community as a whole. When asked what advice he would like to offer to prospective new bike riders, he is quick to offer one piece of advice.

“If you are thinking about going for a ride, just do it,” says David, with a twinkle in his eye. “You’ll never come back from a bike ride and wish that you hadn’t gone.”

Biker’s Choice

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