Seattle Seahawks' Tyler Lockett Debuts Poetry Collection, 'Reflection'

What Are You Waiting For?

Article by Jennifer Simpson

Photography by Provided by Seattle Seahawks

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle

If you're a Washingtonian, and even more so if you're a Kirklander, it's hard not to associate the Seattle Seahawks with their longtime training facility in Kirkland. During the Seahawks' first ten seasons, 1976 through 1985, the team was headquartered in Kirkland at the southern end of the Lake Washington Shipyard, which is now Carillon Point. If you were lucky enough, you might have caught a glimpse of them practicing in Houghton before their sessions were open to the public, or even retiring to their dorms at the adjacent Northwest College.

Kirkland Lifestyle is honored to feature Tyler Lockett and his debut poetry collection, "Reflection." Lockett, NFL All-Pro player and Seattle's prized wide receiver, has many interests outside of football with poetry being his primary passion.

Lockett finds strength and understanding through his life experiences and enjoys sharing his poetry as spoken word. Reflection features a variety of poems and so-called "notes to self" referring to many serious and sometimes difficult to address topics. 

In support of Reflection, both Microsoft and Amazon asked Tyler to speak at their employee team-building sessions, which he was happy to do. Reflection is a motivational, self-help inspired collection of real-life experiences that Tyler shares with his readers, fans, and now corporations seeking to engage and connect with their employees.  

Look at you all
Young men and women just sitting there listening
Hoping that I say the right words to grab your attention
And spark something on the inside of you that’s always
been there from the beginning
Dreams, hidden potential, who knows?
My question to you is: What are you waiting for?

Note To Self

You can lie to people, but you can't lie to yourself. Being honest with yourself is the way to living free. 

Reflection by Tyler Lockett

Price: $14.99 ($19.99 Canada)
Paperback: 6 x 9 inches, 112 pages

Available online and wherever books are sold.

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