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Felt lighting has many amazing styles and options to pick from.

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Refresh Your Space

Simple Ways to Liven Your Haven

1) Would you rather live at home, or feel at home?  Walker Home Design designs houses, but they also create themed rooms to make your home feel truly magical.  With their simple approach “Economical To Build, Functional To Live In, Attractive To Look At and Fun”, they strive to make all your home wishes come true.

2) A great way to update or change a room is with art! Art changes the feeling of an entire room. Allen Lund, local Artist and Gallery owner suggests changing your art to compliment the season you're in or the landscape. Allen wants his pieces to start a conversation or create peace for the observer.

3) Melanie from Millcreek Mercantile urges you to repurpose items from your home to create unique decor. When that doesn't work, find a new treasure or quality piece from her store of home decor and antique accessories. A unique one of a kind item will bring joy and new tone to any space.

4) Adding a plant or floral arrangement adds a new energy to a common space. Afraid of keeping it alive? No worries, Cactus and Topicals says Fear not! Taking care of indoor plants is not complicated. If you choose wisely and adhere to a few simple practices, they are worth the effort and beauty.

5) Rugs add color, softness and focal points to a space and are a must-have addition in many homes. Adib’s Rug Gallery has been offering high-quality custom rugs for over 50 years. Refreshing a room with a new rug will change the dynamics without much work. Rugs ground your space and tie the room together.

6) Consider lighting like cowboy boots with a prom dress, you want to get it right. If you want to update a kitchen or bath but don't have the budget, start with an upgrade to your lighting fixtures. See if that doesn't give you enough pazazz.

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