Rejuvenate Your Cells & Combat Aging

With HydraMed’s Mobile IV Therapy

HydraMed, a wellness healthcare company out of Colorado and South Florida, is proactively combating aging and more with a range of IV therapy options. The company’s founders, Bear and Mark, treat a tremendous amount of patients each day for hangover rescues, immunity boosting, jet lag, and even offer an IV to help with low libido. Other IV therapies are geared towards serious ailments, with some patients even kicking their opiate addictions by using the NAD+ IV therapy. It’s important to note that the company treats symptomless patients who are no longer COVID-positive, but still suffering in some way.

These therapies are used to feed patients on the cellular level, providing nutrients that can make a noticeable difference within minutes of application. One example is the beauty glow therapy, which is often used prior to weddings, pageants, and photoshoots. Just 10 minutes after application, patients have reported looking completely revived and ready for action. The 100% absorption rate of IV therapy far exceeds that of oral supplements, which is usually around only 18% to 20%. 

One of HydraMed’s key offerings is the NAD+ therapy, which delivers Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide to your body with a slew of long-term benefits. If you haven’t heard of it, NAD is in every one of our cells and acts as the fuel which drives the mitochondria, which in turn powers our cells. It’s also a key player in how our bodies age over time.

According to Bear and Mark at HydraMed, “Aging is a result of deteriorating cells. As we get older, those who have more NAD in their bodies have younger cells...without NAD, our cells continue to deteriorate, since they no longer have life or fuel.”

Since it effectively keeps cells from deteriorating, NAD is an increasingly popular anti-aging option. Its support for longevity on a cellular level has been shown in older patients who supplement NAD, as they flaunt healthier cells than younger patients with NAD deficiencies. Furthermore, people who have suffered the most from COVID-19 symptoms tend to show deficiencies in Glutathione and NAD+. With lacking levels of these two naturally-occurring compounds, the virus is able to have a field day with our bodies.

Bear and Mark launched HydraMed in June 2020 amid the COVID-19 chaos after Bear found NAD+ to help with his microbiome issues. After partnering with Mark, who is a paramedic with extensive trauma care specializations, the two decided to spread IV therapy’s benefits themselves. 

Their timing was bittersweet, “since people are hurting and sick, though it’s also brought business and purpose to HydraMed.” Flaunting only five-star Google reviews and an exploding client base, the company plans to open a handful of new locations in 2022. The duo makes it a point to hire highly-qualified individuals; out of 700 applicants in Florida, only 15 made the cut. They seek out former Op room or ICU staff, and specifically target nurses with exceptional IV skills complemented by sharp bedside manner. 

HydraMed offers in-home and mobile IV therapy to locals of Colorado and South Florida. As for their Colorado locations, the company delivers to the Denver Front Range, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Their IV packs contain the maximum vitamin dosages legally allowed prior to a prescription. Therapies start at $99 with the basic IV Fluids Therapy, and go as high as $315 for the Anti-Aging IV Therapy. To browse their full selection of situational IV therapies or book a mobile session online, be sure to visit their website at

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