Get Glowing Skin This Winter

Woodhouse Spa Master Estheticians Share Skincare Tips

Utah’s dry air is famous for producing the "Greatest Snow on Earth." However, this same cold, dry air can be harsh on the skin, causing dryness, flakiness, and other issues when exposed to winter’s icy temperatures and chilly winds. Fortunately, Holladay’s Woodhouse Spa has a team of expert estheticians with tips to combat what winter throws at our noses, cheeks, and chins, along with rejuvenating treatment options.

Keeping the skin hydrated is crucial to prevent dryness. “Drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier while sleeping can help keep the skin healthy during winter,” advises Woodhouse lead esthetician Rachel Alley. “If the signs of tight, dry, and dehydrated skin persist, one of Woodhouse Spa's facial treatments can benefit your skin with some additional TLC.”

Facial Options:

Woodhouse Spa's investment in state-of-the-art technology is one of its hallmarks, setting it apart from other spas in the valley. The treatment we recommend, the Hydra Facial, utilizes a peeling device as part of a four-step process. This tool uses a "vortex fusion technique to cleanse, exfoliate, peel, extract, and then hydrate the skin with antioxidants that stimulate collagen,” explains Woodhouse GM Jessica Zimmerman. “The machine can add boosters to customize specific skin concerns, such as hydration or hyperpigmentation, which is ideal in winter.” Booster options are from renowned brands such as J.Lo and Dr. Babor.

Another option ideal during the colder months is the 80-minute Sculpt Facial, which uses a cupping technique to lift the skin and provide anti-aging benefits. This luxurious treatment incorporates massage but also utilizes a handheld micro-current device. In the hands of Woodhouse’s expert practitioners, this tool is a game changer to help tighten the skin.

Woodhouse Spa also offers enhancements that can be added to any facial, such as Gua Sha, sheet masks, serum concentrates, and DermaFlash enhancement. They also offer a "Buy Five, Get One Free" package for all facials, ensuring specific concerns are addressed and the best results are achieved.

Available Products & Events:

Woodhouse is hosting a Galentine's Day event on February 15th, which will be a skincare master class. Along with color-matching makeup, attendees will learn how to use the same devices used in treatments available for retail. The class will cover skincare regimens for home care routines to keep winter outside where it belongs and maintain a “summer glow” all year long. Woodhouse Spa also retails premium products, including medical-grade skincare products from SkinCeuticals and European-based Vavor.

The Woodhouse Story

In the past decade, Downtown Holladay has undergone a renaissance with numerous cafes, restaurants, shops, and boutiques lining the busy intersections of Holladay Blvd and Murray Holladay Rd. The 6500-square-foot Woodhouse Spa is a remarkable example of adaptive reuse: renovating the historic Holladay Pharmacy into a day spa, boasting over a dozen treatment rooms, including private and couples massage areas, as well as three dedicated spaces for facials. Now, guests visit this corner location to escape and indulge in a soul-nurturing experience.

Before strolling and dining along quaint Holladay streets, Woodhouse Spa is the perfect respite for a massage or one of our 40+ relaxing spa treatments. Indulge in a Woodhouse Signature Service including our exclusive Sculpt Facial, Black Sand Rejuvenation Body Treatment, or traditional Body Balance Massage.

None of us has perfect skin, but we can perfect your facial to address your specific skin care needs and concerns. Someone with large pores may prefer a Microchannel treatment with their facial. And, another person may really need help with anti-aging, and could benefit from a special mask or LED therapy.

At Woodhouse, guests enjoy a customized approach catered to their individual needs. Upon arrival, guests are provided with plush robes and hot towels for their feet. Treatments begin with a calming aromatherapy ritual, followed by an esthetician performing a skin analysis. One tip we learned on our visit: arrive early and enjoy the Eucalyptus steam room.

Woodhouse Spa's esthetician team conducts monthly training to maintain their master-level skills. Additionally, outside trainers and reps are routinely brought in to expand the team's knowledge and go above and beyond for guests. Master estheticians require over 1200 hours of training to be certified at this top level, making Holladay's Woodhouse Spa our trusted place for self-care.

“Drinking water and using a humidifier while sleeping can help keep the skin healthy.” 

The Hydra Facial treatment, utilizes a peeling device as part of a four-step process. 

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