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Rejuvenating Inside and Out

Rebekah Gray, nurse practitioner at PRC Rejuvenation, on her background and work in aesthetics and preventative care

Caring for others is a fairly fundamental Oklahoman value. Some show it through community support, giving time or resources to organizations they care about. Some simply stop to help someone in need. Others, like Rebekah Gray, nurse practitioner at PRC Rejuvenation Center, devote their careers to helping people feel their best. 

PRC Rejuvenation, located on Lewis in Tulsa, combines traditional medicine and wellness services with aesthetic therapies and procedures designed to enhance patients’ natural beauty and health. They have a long, broad list of offerings. You can go to PRC Rejuvenation to have a routine physical or a well-woman exam, formulate a weight loss plan, undergo a procedure to smooth wrinkles, work to restore hair loss, and so much more.  

PRC Rejuvenation’s work to provide patients with preventative care and aesthetic services is exactly what Gray is passionate about. A nurse practitioner since 2013, she found her niche in helping patients lead healthy lifestyles and supporting them in feeling good about both their health and beauty. 

“I really enjoy just sitting with patients and focusing on more of the prevention piece than disease management, because that would prevent you from going into disease or diagnosis,” Gray says. 

She started in family medicine, where her aptitude for minor surgical procedures led to an interest in procedures like Botox and fillers. 

To those who might not know where to begin or feel overwhelmed by complicated procedure names, Gray suggests a consultation. PRC Rejuvenation offers them for free, and Gray says it’s a great place to talk through what you’re looking for and any worries you may have. 

“It’s so important to me to make sure people still look like who they are. Nobody’s going to come to you and think you had something done, they’re going to know that you look better because you look refreshed,” Gray says. “I’m very much against making people look fake or overdone. I just want to enhance what they already have.” 

Gray talks about how we all have insecurities about how we look and may wish some things were different, but says that having an aesthetic procedure doesn’t mean that a person wasn’t beautiful to begin with. 

“Everyone is still beautiful, it’s just a way to show what your best assets are,” she says. “My biggest goal is satisfaction. My favorite part is giving patients the mirror after I’ve done everything and getting to see their reaction. My goal is to see a smile. I’ve even had some people cry because they like it so much.” 

Gray is also clearly a lifelong learner. She’s constantly researching the latest procedures or learning about the best possible ways to serve her patients. You won’t run out of things to talk to her about, either. She and her family live on sixty acres where they manage short-term lake rentals and take care of hens, roosters, two rabbits, a Great Pyrenees, and four honey bee hives.

“I only want what’s best for my patients,” Gray says. “I think about them like they’re family or friends.” |5577 S Lewis Ave | Tulsa, OK | 918.749.0003