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Photo courtesy of Serente Spa

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Relax & Renew at Serente Spa

Enter the new year feeling your best with treatments from Serente Spa.

The holidays and, let’s face it, the last two years may have taken a lot out of you - mentally, physically, and emotionally. In order to restore wellness, balance, and keep your body in shape, consider a therapeutic spa treatment to take on the year ahead. Wellness offerings in Houston couldn’t be more plentiful, but Tanglewood’s self-proclaimed “hidden gem” Serente Spa is a full-service spa with a holistic approach to self-care. Whether you want a massage, a facial utilizing cutting edge technology, or to energize your body with a full body treatment, there is something for everyone’s pallet and personality at the neighborhood spa. 

Serente Spa hits the high notes with its anti-aging facials. They have a robust menu of treatments, including a 24K Gold Facial, which will leave your skin “drenched in 24K Gold, amino acids, collagen, and perlite.” If you prefer protein-rich caviar to gold, choose the Fountain of Youth, which will hydrate, lift, and firm your skin using the powerful antioxidants of caviar. 

In addition to facials, non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures are the highlight of Serente Spa’s offerings. The spa uses the highly effective Venus Concepts machine for all of its skin tightening treatments. The technology helps to naturally boost collagen, which improves the appearance of sagging skin and restores a youthful-looking appearance. The spa was also one of the first in Houston to have an infrared sauna, which offers many benefits, including improved circulation, toxin removal, and even weight loss.

“Everyone leaves Serente with healthy glowing skin, because the treatments we offer are highly effective but minimally invasive,” says Serente Spa owner Linda Cuffari. “Clients receive personalized attention, and they love Serente because it is their private sanctuary. We focus on the quality of our treatments and products over quantity.”

Serente Spa

4801 Woodway Dr. 77056


  • Photo courtesy of Serente Spa

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