Relax The Back

The store sells medical-grade zero gravity and massage chairs that relieve pain

When you visit the new home of Relax The Back store at 973 Farmington Ave., you might never want to leave. 

The store’s congenial owner, manager, or sales staff will cajole you into sitting in one of their many medical-grade massage chairs and you might think this will be like one of those chairs at the nail salon that you sit in while you’re getting your pedicure. But they are vastly different, and once you sink into one you’ll never want to leave. 

“People come here in pain and leave with an amazing sense of rejuvenation,” says Doug Faggiani, the store’s owner. 

Relax The Back sells medical-grade massage and zero-gravity chairs, along with ergonomically-designed bedding and office furniture. Their chairs are designed to take all pressure off the spine, allowing it to relax into its natural curve and relieve stress.

“Zero gravity chairs position your body in neutral posture to make you feel weightless, stress-free and energized. They work by helping your body relieve pain and pressure by putting you in a neutral spinal alignment,” says Betty Hogan, manager of Relax The Back. The chairs can alleviate a wide-range of medical maladies that people spend thousands of dollars trying to cure, she added, such as sciatica pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and migraine headaches, to name a few. 

The chairs improve posture, blood circulation and pressure, eases muscle pains by relaxing your muscles, and reduces physical and mental stress.  

At the same time, they provide professional-level massage through a series of electronic air movements, all while you’re in the zero gravity position.  

One of their chairs, which Jah John, the store's sales manager, refers to as “The Chair Doctor,” has an electronic monitoring system that scans the body, determines greatest points of stress, and targets them for massage while displaying its progress on a computer monitor attached to the chair. 

“Anyone who sits in one of our chairs understands the value of decreasing stress on your body and eliminating pain that you have,” Doug says. “The wellness aspect of our products is tremendous.” 

Doug knows first-hand about those benefits. His son has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Doug for years has researched ways to help him alleviate body aches and pains. Then Doug was in a car accident that left him with a spinal cord injury and debilitating pain. He walked into a Relax The Back store in Irvine, California a few years ago, sat in one of their zero gravity chairs, “and from then on I was pain free.” 

The experience led him to meet with the CEO of Relax The Back to learn more about the products and then he bought the local franchise on Farmington Avenue in 2017. The store recently moved to a much larger space across the street at 973 Farmington Ave. 

Jah says the new store will provide greater showroom space for the dozens of zero gravity chairs Relax The Back sells, as well as for its other popular products, which include ergonomic pillows and mattresses, Tempur-pedic mattresses, Perfect Chair brand recliners, hand-held massagers and cushions, inversion stretchers and tables, lift chairs and ergonomic office chairs and tables. 

They stress that the store’s mantra is “Live Wellness,” and that their products promote “healthy sleep, healthy mind and healthy body.” 

“We’re not a furniture store, we’re not a mattress store,” Doug says. “We’re a back and wellness store.”  

Relax The Back

973 Farmington Ave. 

Online: stores.relaxtheback.com/west-hartford

On Facebook: @RelaxTheBackWestHartford 


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