Relentless Performance

The training center is aimed at helping athletes reach the pinnacle of their sport

One of the biggest trends in athletic performance these days is the convergence of sports physical therapy and new technologies of athletic training. 

Peter Inserillo, a doctor of physical therapy, has tapped into this trend with his new business, Relentless Performance, which he opened in November, at 58 Farmington Ave., about a mile from West Hartford Center. 

The facility focuses on training elite athletes and on the rehabilitation of injured athletes through “evidence-based physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and nutrition coaching.” 

Relentless also uses cutting-edge computer-assisted equipment, such as force plates and velocity trackers, to monitor recovery and improve performance. 

“We can profile the athletes, look at speed of movements and different types of contractions that they might utilize. These are all things that we can take a look at to further enhance their training,” Dr. Inserillo says. 

“We essentially transition them from rehabilitation to training and we can look at specific data and analytics and improve their performance in many ways with the analytic equipment in our facility. They’ll follow an ongoing training program so they will always be a part of our family and our community.” 

Relentless Performance’s mission is to “inspire, motivate, and optimize mental and physical performance, whether you’re a young athlete with big aspirations, an older adult who wants the most out of their training, or anyone looking to bounce back from an injury” while improving athletic performance. 

Relentless does this by melding targeted physical therapy programs with high-end training modules for elite athletes so they can get back to their sport quickly. The company also provides ongoing, long-term training for these athletes to help them maintain that high-end performance. 

"Our standard is to train athletes to be legendary. We want to create hall-of-famers."Besides being a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) Dr. Inserillo is a strength and conditioning coach and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He also holds a certificate from TPI (Titleist Performance Institute). 

Standard physical therapy centers typically deal with a broader spectrum of patients and “aren’t equipped to deal with these high-performance athletes who need a higher level of attention, intervention and training,” he adds. 

Relentless clients include high school athletes who are preparing to enter competitive Division 1 sports programs, semi-professional and professional individual athletes, such as golfers, power weight lifters, Olympic weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, soccer players and basketball players. 

Working with Peter at Relentless is Dr. Jherson Terrones, who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Dr. Terrones additionally is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and holds a certificate in dry needling, a type of physical therapy to treat muscular trigger points.

The Relentless team also includes Kelly Iuliano, who is the director of operations.

Experts say there are six distinct benefits of sports therapy:

1. Improved range of motion:

A physical therapist can help athletes recover fully from an injury and ensure there is no pain or resistance in their joints.

2. Neuromuscular control:

Sports therapists focus on the movements of the joints by the muscles, tendons, and nerves.

3. Technique: 

Small details about positioning and technique can help an athlete align their body correctly.

4. Muscle balancing: 

Physical therapy and training can help athletes balance muscles and muscle groups to improve movement and performance. 

5. Power, strength and speed:

Physical therapy and training can help maximize all three.

6. Joint torque:

The ability to move and turn our joints quickly is paramount in all sports and is the main focus of sports physical therapy.

Relentless Performance

58 Farmington Ave., Unit 1, Farmington 



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