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Remember When?

Preserving Your Vacation Memories Through Useable Art

Article by Fatima Durrani

Photography by Carey Lynn, Artistic Endeavors

Originally published in Allen City Lifestyle

Remember the time when your family went to Hawaii for a reunion, and grandma did the hula dance? Or when your son graduated? Or the 10th Disney trip you made that you were still excited about? Capturing memories is an art. In today’s digital world, most of us rely on our phones to snap hundreds of pictures in a matter of minutes. But then what happens? You’re back at home, and you think of that one special moment, but now can’t find it without scrolling through a zillion other photos.

Fortunately, there are non-traditional ways to both preserve memories and show them off. They can be weaved into a blanket or quilt, a wall poster or memory box; a cup or hardcover book or even a puzzle with photos from your favorite trip, interspersed with meaningful quotes. When we display our memories in a way where we can touch and “see” them, it brings joy and can spark meaningful conversations with family and friends.

According to Carey Lynn Zarate, owner of Artistic Endeavors, there’s no limit on how to showcase your memories in a way that’s special; memories that “come to life” and are appreciated and discussed for generations to come. However, for many, creating a personal memoir is overwhelming. “The task becomes easier if you break it into chunks,” advises Carey. “Start with folders that help you separate different adventures. Go through those and mark the ones that bring a smile to your face when you look at them.” “In the notes for the image, write what you were thinking of. Use tags and color codes to help you easily find these images later. And always, back up, back up, back up! Not only to the cloud but also to external storage devices. Use full resolution for your original, especially if you want to print something from it.”

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Memories that "come to life" and are appreciated and discussed for generations to come..

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