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Chatham Pod leader Cathy Maloney, founder Tara Gilvar & Short Hills pod leader Caroline Gosselin

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“Remember Who You Wanted To Be”

You deserve to live your true purpose. Discover how B.I.G. can help you with your dreams.

Sometimes inspiration can come to you from the least expected place…a bumper sticker. It read “Remember who you wanted to be.” That simple message spoke deeply to Tara Gilvar on a day she was dropping off her three kids at school. She went home and took action! Tara sent an email to all of the third-grade parents, neighbors, and women in her social circle that simply said, “We’re still smart.” The results: she had a group of 40 women in her living room gathering around the same feeling that comes with leaving your career to raise a family or are working without fulfillment, the feeling that we have lost ourselves, our identity, and our purpose. Tara is the founder of B.I.G. “Believe, Inspire, Grow”, who in only 13 years has grown to 30 chapters nationwide and international. B.I.G. is for women by women. It’s an authentic community, run by local volunteer pod leaders to help women find their passion, know their why, help them grow into entrepreneurs, or simply a place to find genuine support with life issues that come our way.

B.I.G. exists to help women unlock their true potential and live the lives they are meant to live. We provide the inspiration, tools, and community to help women every day become the best versions of themselves.”  Shared Tara. “We create safe environments and offer face-to-face support from like-minded peers. Every woman has special gifts and talents, and the power of a community of women working together is an unstoppable force. We provide never ending opportunities to explore, develop and embrace the person you want to be. “ 

B.I.G. is especially passionate about women entrepreneurs.  Their community, and tools can help achieve your dreams. They have six key pillars to help you navigate all areas of your life from financial education to wellness, fashion and more. B.I.G. has a Member Matchmaker program “an internal LinkedIn”, coaches, virtual programs, and lots of events. “We’re a platform for them to play in.” Tara said. Their testimonials online are great, and even better, in person at one of their many local monthly events.

I asked our local B.I.G. pod leaders why they took on that additional responsibility and not simply be members? Cathy Maloney, Chatham’s pod leader for 7+ years said, “I’m very connected to my community and enjoy being very helpful.” Caroline Gosselin’s Short Hills/Millburn’s pod leader for 10+ years said “I’m a doer. If I have an idea I can execute.”  Each pod has their own “flavor”. Once you’re a member, you can attend any other pod’s event. I encourage you reach out to Caroline and Cathy. Simply have a cup of coffee in town, or an information session.

Tara noted. “We want to help women move forward and be happier in all apsects of a woman’s life. “Give before you get. We’re building relationships, not transactions. We’re trying to build their brands.”

For our Thankful issue, I encourage you to look deep, find your spark and your true purpose. Tara’s final message, “Come to experience the magic of B.I.G.!”


  • Chatham Pod leader Cathy Maloney, founder Tara Gilvar & Short Hills pod leader Caroline Gosselin