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Remembering & Serving Our Heroes

How American Legion Hunter-Morris Memorial Post 911 gives back to veterans in Cedar Park and Leander.

The United States is made up of several generations of patriots. Their heroic actions date back to the founding of our nation. Today, we continue to honor those who have spent their lives protecting ours.

“The Cedar Park American Legion Post 911 is a post for and run by veterans, looking to do the most to meet the needs of veterans and their families. We also educate the community about their local veterans, their needs, and their contributions,” says Chaplain Steve Adams.

Post 911 achieves its goals by hosting events centered on commemoration and unification. For instance, they have hosted a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony for 21 years to share their respects. They have also honored veterans through the Annual Hunter-Morris Memorial Golf Tournament.

“The idea for the golf tournament was a joint effort amongst the board members to come up with a way to fund several scholarships to honor the memory of our fallen members,” says Adams. “Anyone and everyone are allowed to participate, as long as they pay the fee or are sponsored by someone. Several of our veterans have been gifted a sponsorship to play in the tournament.”

For the past decade, Post 911 has especially made a name for itself during the Christmas season through Breakfast with Santa. Children enjoy a meal with Santa before having fun at the craft stations, meeting first responders, and climbing the rock wall. Families can put their names into various raffle giveaways.

“Each year, on the first Saturday in December, we provide a full outstanding breakfast for the veterans and their families, free of charge. To make this happen, we obtain in-kind donations from local food and drink businesses, as well as financial donations from anyone wanting to support the event,” says Adams.

Attend this year’s Breakfast with Santa on December 3rd at YMCA Twin Lakes. Spread the joy of the holidays while thanking local veterans.