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Creating a modern kitchen

“I love what I do. If I do something, I give it 100% or don’t touch it at all."

For Johnny Ohana, owner and founder of Terra Mia Construction, this is a personal mantra he has put into every project since he and his partner started their Las Vegas-based business about three years ago. And yes, if you do the math, that is right before the world was turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"After we opened our doors, it was too late to do a U-turn," said Ohana. "Now I am happy I did not U-turn and continued with the business."

The last few years had turned out to be a very busy time for Ohana and his team. Terra Mia Construction is a full-service home renovation company based in Las Vegas. They do everything from kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, floorings, and much more. And since the pandemic began, many of the requests from clients have involved the transformations of home kitchens.

“When people enter the house, their eyes go straight to the kitchen. It’s like the crown jewel of the home," said Ohana. "I compare home or kitchen renovations to fashion. Today, you wear red. In 10 years, maybe rainbow will be in style. It changes, and we are always ready to help people make their dreams a reality."

Ohana explains that his clients, especially those who are professional chefs or avid home cooks, come to him with a very specific vision of what they want. The key for most clients is having a kitchen that makes their lives more convenient.

"Some of these kitchens we see have not been updated for over 50 years," said Ohana. "Today, we have features and materials to work with that did not exist two decades ago. Things like soft close for cabinets and drawers and stain and smell-resistant materials for countertops. Colors are also important. White is very popular now because they just open up the space."

One of Ohana's current clients is a professional chef who works on the Las Vegas Strip. He said what she requested is a kitchen that pretty much resembles her workspace at a high-end restaurant.

"One thing she wanted is a "pot filler." It is a faucet that goes straight from the wall to just over the cooktop. It's a major convenience factor when you have multiple pots going simultaneously."

One thing Ohana is proud of from the first day he started his business is always giving his customers honest advice, no matter how big or small the work. 

"I guide them to exactly the goal they want, one that fits their needs," said Ohana. "For example, everyone may want a gourmet kitchen, but not everyone needs a gourmet kitchen. We help every customer create a space that fits their needs, budget, and vision. That is very important to me."

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