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Responder Impact

Donations Go Toward Supporting, Counseling And Spiritual Encouragement For First Responders

Servant leadership is in the DNA of first responders. However, the life expectancy of first responders is 15 years less than the general population. Randy Creech, founder and director of Responder Impact, provides the tools needed to engage, equip and empower local police, firefighters, paramedics and EMT ambulance crews, who face these types of unique emotional and spiritual challenges.

Randy also is City of Frisco's fire and police chaplain. For 35 years, he served with a community ministry before launching Responder Impact as a nonprofit in 2011.

"Responder Impact assists first responders who are in law enforcement, fire safety and emergency response services as they engage in serving their community. We support the needs of first responders through one-on-one spiritual mentoring, small group Bible studies, individual interaction and resources that assist with marriage and family relationships," Randy explains. 

Randy says national statistics indicate first responders are two to three times as likely to die from suicide than from accidents in the line of duty. Additionally, divorce rates are as high as 84% in some departments. On average, 10-30% of responders suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

"The majority of first responders love what they do and understand the cost of their unique vocation. But, over time, doing ‘what business requires’ will often affect their emotional and physical health, and the relationships that are most important to them," says Randy. "That's why we are there to listen and walk through life's challenges with them."

Tax-deductible financial donations are received to provide support and counseling for Responder Impact participants. 

In-person support is provided by assisting in leading small group discussions or accompanying first responders on much-needed excursions, such as fishing activities. 

A six-week pre-marriage preparation opportunity also is offered for first responders and their partners, in addition to Responder Impact providing -- when finances are available -- the registration for first responders to attend the ‘Family Life Weekend to Remember’ marriage conference. Couples pay for their hotel expenses.

"Building each other up for life's next battles is our mission," declares Randy.

  • A Frisco firefighters' education team frequently presents emergency drills to school students.