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Share Those Unwanted Items With Non-Profit Organizations

Article by Kelly Patterson

Photography by Kelly Patterson

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

The act of organizing, decluttering, and increasing efficiency is a rapidly growing concept today. “Pinterest-worthy” closets and saving only the items that “spark joy” have become highly desirable goals. However, many people find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of their work and personal lives long before they recognize the backlash that the visual clutter in their homes is having on their mental health.

Many times we hold onto things “just in case”. In reality, this unicorn moment almost never comes. We suffer from feelings of being overwhelmed and by continuing to hold onto these unused items, we could be unknowingly keeping someone else from being blessed by them. Organizing your space offers many benefits besides the obvious “IG-worthy” vision that we have for our homes.

Finding ways to improve efficiency and organization in your space creates clarity of mind, decreases anxiety, saves you money, and could even provide someone with items that they need or have always wanted. Once you commit to getting organized, you may struggle with the idea of donating possessions that you once placed a high value on. This is where responsible decluttering and a small mindset shift come in.

Consider what charity or organization could best utilize the items. A high school theater program could use household items or period-specific clothing to put on a show. Women’s shelters could use nail polish, old cell phones, and purses. Nursing homes could use books, puzzles, and knitting supplies.

Organizing responsibly has many facets that are unique to the individual and the items they are working with. If you need ideas, you can always reach out to a professional organizer at Comfort Organizing Co. for a complimentary consultation. Whether for your business or your home, my team will bring comfort to your spaces so you can maintain focus, gain clarity, spark inspiration, and function at your highest level to create the life of your dreams.

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