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From relay races on roller chairs using ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles as batons to fun office outings like attending the Vikings vs. Chiefs game…in Minnesota, you never know what kind of shenanigans will be going on at Restore Physical Therapy, but you know you’ll feel better when you leave - both physically and mentally. At least that’s the goal according to Lisa Regnier who helps run the practice with her physical therapist husband Paul. “The fun part is intentional,” Lisa said. “But the serious side is that we truly want to help people.”

“A big part of repairing the body is helping the mind,” Lisa said. At Restore Physical Therapy, they keep things relaxed, fun, and light. “Our office is not sterile and formal and that’s on purpose,” Lisa said. “We’ve found that keeping things light opens up conversations for healing and that’s our main goal.”  

Paul Regnier was drawn to physical therapy after four different providers attempted to help him with a back injury and finally a graduate assistant athletic trainer helped him heal with the therapy he provided. “I went on to play two more years of productive football due to his commitment,” Paul said. “He seemed to care more than the other professionals although he was the least trained. This experience changed my life and I decided to become a physical therapist.”

Paul graduated from Wichita State in 1995 with a master’s degree in physical therapy. He worked at other physical therapy clinics for several years usually with patients looking for relief after an injury or surgery. “I saw some amazing patients early in my career who inspired me to always give my best, but the organizations I worked with did not push for that standard of excellence,” Paul said. “I felt like Lisa and I could do better if we developed and pursued our own vision.” So they took a chance in 2008 and opened their own physical therapy office - Restore Physical Therapy. 

They use traditional methods but their strength lies in the manual techniques that Paul has blended in over his 28 years. “Our manual therapies are essential in healing the musculoskeletal system,” Paul explained. “Physical therapy has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. We take pride in being very hands-on and looking at the whole body and the whole person.” They practice various muscle release techniques that can help with chronic pain by bringing the body back into balance and restoring range of motion, balance, and strength. “There are so many new ways we can help people,” Lisa said. 

Manual therapy can help with a wide variety of soft-tissue issues like TMJ, headaches, blurred vision, and vestibular (inner-ear) issues including dizziness and balance. It can relieve pain from inflammation like amplified pain syndrome and fibromyalgia, help to reduce migraines, and even increase muscle strength - a big benefit to older patients.  

Through their years in business, their employees have been an important part of what makes them unique and effective. They all work together for the benefit of the patient. 

But, for the Regniers, this business has always been a family affair as well. From the beginning, Lisa has kept operations running smoothly, while her husband and physical therapist assistants treated their patients. As they grew, her mom took over front desk duties where she created a welcoming environment for patients.

All three of their kids have pitched in over the years as well helping with everything from front desk duties to linens to interning as a tech. Two years ago, Lisa’s dad joined the team when he retired from the Topeka Public School District. “He works in a strategic role dealing with all the numbers and stats like patient flow, billable hours, etc. to find ways to make us more successful,” Lisa said. “Oh, and he keeps us all in stitches with his bad ‘dad’ jokes.” 

Learn more about this unique office and the healing services they provide at restorephysicaltherapyks.com

“It’s uplifting to help other people.” - Lisa Regnier

“We’ve found that keeping things light opens up conversations for healing.” - Lisa Regnier

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