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Retreat to Wellness

For Stress Reduction and Vitality

Article by Patricia Ptak

Photography by Patricia Ptak

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

When we plan a vacation, we may imagine days filled with sun, sand and cocktails. Many times we overindulge so when we make it home, we need another vacation. Imagine immersing yourself in a week of loving, healing energy, nutritious clean foods and inspiring wellness practices including yoga, exercise, meditation, hiking and spa services. 

Wellness retreats can be focused on one task like backpacking and camping on a trail whereas some are a nice mixture of activities. Prior to booking a retreat, make sure you check out exactly what's available for additional activities, what your host has planned for you, and what are some local attractions that you can explore. This author has attended retreats in Mexico, India, Costa Rica, and the United States as well as hosted international and domestic yoga-wellness retreats. 

Adventure retreats can take you hiking in Alaska or kayaking in Florida. National companies like REI provide over 200 adventures a year. Many local businesses offer horseback riding, ATV and dude ranch experiences.

Traditional wellness retreats serve to reboot the body and mind with clean eating (usually little to no alcohol) yoga, meditation and community-building. Typically they are hosted in a tranquil setting and simply require attendees to surrender to peace and relaxation. These are the most balanced, providing a mix of downtime and scheduled events.

Healing retreats can include immersive spa-like lodgings, with restorative practices aimed at rejuvenating the body and mind. Amangiri, located in Utah is a five-star camp, hotel and wellness center nestled in the rugged wilderness. Many celebrities frequent the $3,700 a night hotel. Mindfulness meditation retreats can span from three to ten days, benefitting both beginners and seasoned meditators. These retreats provide a digital detox to reduce attachments to electronics. 

No matter what type of wellness retreat  you choose, stress reduction and vitality is possible.

Patricia is a licensed professional counselor and a master yoga teacher with over fifteen years of teaching, retreat leading and yoga teacher education experience. She offers nicely balanced yoga-wellness retreats for women in Texas and Michigan.

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