Retro Hollywood Reboot

An Interview with Candice Newland, Artist and Interior Designer

Having proven her grit in the clothing industry, with her own couture label housed at Giorgio on Rodeo Drive and South Coast Plaza at just 25 years old, now, thirty years later, Candice Newland brings her artistry of design into the home. She takes us for a peek behind the curtain into how an intuitive designer works with a client to design and furnish an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind home.  

These photos are amazing. Starting with the bathroom, tell me about this bold decorating project we see here.   

This project resonated with me immediately because it was a total home remodel and I was able to create freely. He gave me clear inspiration that started with his first choice of a bright blue vanity. I remember thinking, "Wow, this guy is cool! He's not afraid of color." I continued adding different metallic textures with tile and hardware in his unique bathroom. He loves stark contrast, which I gave him.  

The bathroom features a double vanity with a luxury quartz countertop, two artisan sinks, and a big stand-alone tub, all with waterfall faucets. Additionally, the walk-in glass shower with custom tile, gold hardware, and an oversized rain showerhead rivals the other elements in this swanky bathroom.  My client loves black, gray, and blue, and angular shapes, so we went with hexagon floor tiles and diamond patterns in the shower to create linear movement. I introduced him to a blend of copper, pewter, and vintage gold metallics that contrast the ceiling and tub. I was able to tie it all together for this unique bathroom experience. 

What’s the effect of the textured green wall and shutters of the home office? 

I do full spectrum design and window coverings. That wallpaper really warmed this room which is his home office. We chose this wallpaper because we loved the color and its thin veneer, similar to a fine balsa wood that’s been die-cut and put on top of the copper paper to create that design. It’s exquisite. The client loves all the angular shapes and that’s his style. 

How did you tie all these gorgeous elements into the staircase? 

We stripped down the old terra cotta tile staircase and metal railing and had it painted black and white. Plum resonated as a connector color which took us into this custom hand-painted tile. Walking into that home, you see this striking staircase with teal, green, blue, and plum-- all the colors you are about to see in that house. It pulls everything together. The flow continues throughout the house using unique colors and textures that fit like an updated retro-contemporary puzzle. The staircase brought all the colors to one place preparing the visitor for their experience ahead... Retro Hollywood Reboot!

What is special about your creative process that makes a client say, “Wow!”?

I see myself as an intuitive designer.  I'm able to identify the uniqueness of each client and I never do the same thing twice. It's important that "cookie-cutter" is left out of the equation of my design. Each person is unique in this world, and my job is to make their space a version of their greatness. I take on the responsibility to find the balance between inspiration and tranquility, which is truly the goal for the ultimate living space. 

There is always a motivating factor that moves the design in a specific direction.  I start by giving clients choices and then based on their likes and dislikes, I learn very quickly how they resonate with specific aspects of design. This allows them to find their truth of choice. The process of finding out how my client really wants to express themselves through their home is especially important when they themselves may not know what they want. 

What excites you about interior design?

When I was just 25 I had my clothing originals on Rodeo Drive and South Coast Plaza locally. I was always drawn to draperies, fabrics, and textures that slowly turned into the artistry of interior design. Thirty years later it’s still exciting to continue my work with one-of-a-kind homes to create a kind of story about my client with high-quality items that can be cherished. They appreciate that I will create a ‘Candice Original’ that gives them back my perception of who they are. 

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