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An Iconic SUV, Bigger And Better

Return Of The King: 2023 LEXUS RX 350

Lexus has ruled the roost of the luxury SUV market for some time now with the iconic RX line, including the main player RX 350. The consistent styling and look of the vehicle, even though generational changes, identifies it as Lexus, even at a quick distant glance. 

The RX 350 was overhauled with a new release for 2023. This model is slightly changing lanes in its identification; being called a crossover utility vehicle or CUV. The “S” was replaced with a “C” as the evolution of these vehicles now straddles the line between sport and sedan.

Completely redesigned, the RX 350 hits the mark on all fronts. From improved interior styling to exterior sharp looks with new colors and beauty under the hood, this is the vehicle that can turn a thousand ships. 

'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it' is a phrase that may fit because the RX 350 has been a best seller as-is. The reasoning behind the redesign could be best explained as “modernization." Most notable changes bring the model up-to-date in technology, entertainment and overall driving experience. The 2023 upgrades are extreme, and not just minor flair, done to show change. Like the basis of evolution, this RX 350 is simply better than its predecessor. 

Starting with the get-up-and-go, the new RX 350 has a 275-horsepower turbocharged engine. Most parts of the engine system were given substantial upgrades to make the vehicle drive smoother, shift easier and use full-time, all-wheel drive controls to achieve optimal front to rear distribution. What does that all mean? Driving this car is something owners describe as a great experience. The new RX 350 interior comfort, added tech and usual luxury look and feel makes the chore of driving an absolute pleasure. The front and back seats are roomy enough and comfortable for local and long-distance drives while maintaining the desired midsize categorization. It’s nothing less than expected from this luxury player.

One of the best, and often overlooked, features of the RX 350 is the all-in effort Lexus has made on vehicle quality and reliability. It’s been a mainstay at the top of most car experts' lists, and the 2023 redesign is no different. When one purchases a Lexus, and specifically the RX 350, trips to the mechanic will be reserved for required maintenance, says Dave Dougherty, general manager of Haldeman Lexus of Princeton.

He adds, “The new RX350 has been very well received, and is bringing a lot of new customers into the Lexus lineup that were not considering the RX 350 previously."

Dave also notes that customers are specifically itching for the hybrid model. "What’s moved the needle on this is Lexus managed to make the price difference between a traditional gas car and the hybrid sibling way more palatable, which proves out an easy return on investment."

Pride of ownership, a metric typically hard to quantify, is obvious with those who have decided to invest in the all-new 2023 RX 350. Though Dave says there's a fair amount of first-timers joining the RX 350 Club, many have been around the block once or twice over, upgrading from a previous generation model of this continued overperformer.

Notable RX350 Features:

  • Goodbye joystick and trackpad; say hello to the high-definition touch screen.

  • Copper Crest: one of many new exciting colors.

  • Less is More: 6 cylinder replaced with 4 cylinder turbocharged engine.

  • Domestic Designed Tech Suite meets varied needs of local drivers.

  • Stay Safe(r): Lexus teams continue to be all aces with safety improvements.

Haldeman Lexus of Princeton, serving Newtown and greater Bucks County
Stop by the dealership just over the bridge in Lawrenceville, NJ

“The RX 350 turns the concept of a hybrid-only being fuel-efficient on its head and is a real performance car.”