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Adelaide Wiley, Bethany Wiley, Victoria Ingle, Elizabeth Garcia, Oneill Walker

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The Perfect Fall Wardrobe

How to use simple pieces to create elegant style for your Fall wardrobe

Article by Josephine Walter

Photography by Taryn Hatton

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Blush Boutique is located in the heart of downtown Greeley with a wide variety of tasteful clothing pieces. From maxi dresses to stylish neon skirts, and shoes the store has something for everyone. Emilie Casseday first opened the shop after she had her first child several years ago in her basement. Since then, it has blossomed into the prosperous business it is today.

“There’s a little bit of everything,” Casseday said.

Blush has dresses, jeans, blouses, jewelry, shoes, hats and so much more to help curate each individual's special style.

On August 5, Blush Boutique hosted a public photoshoot welcoming the community to get personally styled by Emilie and her team. The event was intended to showcase what you can wear, for summer, as well as the transition to a fall wardrobe. 

“I like to break the rules like you can wear white after labor day,” Casseday said.

Some of the women in attendance had shopped at Blush Boutique before. Misty Dockins was one of them. She said her style is a mix of business casual, comfy clothes, and versatile pieces you can dress up or down.

“I’ve never left here empty-handed!” Dockins said.

Some of the other ladies said the selection at Blush was perfect for their style because the pieces could be functional to their own needs.

“I can take this dress and add boots to it to make it casual or I can add heels and make it a cocktail dress,” Carolyn Maben said.

Other women had never been to Blush and loved the style Blush offered. Hadassah Simon a recent graduate from high school explained her personal style as 'eclectic'. She said she likes to layer a lot and focuses on black and neutral colors with layers, as a staple in her own style.

Some tips to transition your summer wardrobe pieces to fall include: using solid color pieces in both seasons. Just take simple pieces from your wardrobe, and layer them underneath or on top to bring depth and warmth to an outfit. For example, Hadassah tried on a black and white checkered babydoll dress and used a long sleeve underneath to transition the summer staple to a cute, comfy autumn fit.

Functionality in a closet is important as well. Especially when switching between seasons. Emilie believes there are no rules when it comes to style, but being comfortable, and feeling confident and most like you is of utmost importance when looking for your perfect fall wardrobe. 

As Emilie likes to say, “I want everyone to get mileage out of their clothes. Don’t pay attention to the fashion trends because all that matters is that you feel good walking out of the boutique and out your door.” 

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  • Adelaide Wiley, Bethany Wiley, Victoria Ingle, Elizabeth Garcia, Oneill Walker
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  • Adelaide Wiley, Bethany Wiley
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