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The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Jeff's daughter Camille also enjoys paddle boarding.

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Reveling in our great outdoors

Kirkland Lifestyle interviews ski racing brothers Eli and Oliver Hoesley (with mom Kyla), and Jeff Underwood, Northwest Paddle Surfers owner

Article by Bree O'Brien

Photography by Courtesy of interviewees

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle

The Hoesley Brothers

How long have each of you been skiing?

OH: I’m ten and started at four.

EH: I’m eight and started when I was two.

How did you get started in ski racing through the Crystal Mountain Alpine Club?

KH (mom): Both boys did the off-piste freestyle ski at crystal last year and had so much fun. They would always try and do the race course at Crystal when no one was around - and they love the terrain park so it seemed like a good challenge for them. 

What does the CMAC experience look like?

KH: It’s been wonderful for the boys’ skiing abilities. They spend half of the day free skiing where they learn the racing fundamentals (getting the skis on edge, skiing on one ski at a time to help with balance) and doing 180’s for fun! The other half is centered around gate training, where they practice the slalom and giant slalom race course. 

What do you enjoy about ski racing? 

EH: I love the speed!

OH: I love the competitive side, going fast and the free tee shirt at the end of the race!

What is your favorite place to ski?

EH and OH: In Washington - Crystal Mountain!

EH: Out-of-state, Deer Valley (UT).

OH: For me, Whitefish (MT). 


Jeff Underwood


How did you get started paddle boarding?

JU: I’m 55 and have been paddle boarding for 15 years. I come to stand up paddle boarding from a surfing background. I first tried it on vacation in Kauai.

How would you advise someone new to paddle boarding to get started?

Renting is a great way to start. Make sure the board has enough volume to support your weight, a wider board will provide greater stability. A life jacket and whistle are required and an ankle leash is highly advised. With locations in Marina Park and Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland and near Seward Park in Seattle, Northwest Paddle Surfers provides basic technique and safety instruction to all customers.

What do you enjoy about paddle boarding?  

I love paddle boarding as it’s a fantastic all-body workout and you can do it in beautiful natural settings. Standing provides a unique perspective on water trails, and you can see more under water.

What is your favorite place to paddle board? 

Juanita Bay in Kirkland is a terrific place to paddle. It is chock full of wild-life: otters, beavers, herons, eagles, ospreys, waterfowl and fish. You can also take in the beautiful waterfront homes that line the shore. If you get too hot on a summer day, you can simply jump in the lake to cool off!

  • Oliver and Eli take a break from training to enjoy the view.
  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree - Jeff's daughter Camille also enjoys paddle boarding.